How to combine two or more signal alert indicators together


Projectreaper alert indicators have the ability to share their signals to create more accurate trading alerts.

I’ll show you how to do this with a few examples.

So, you have two or more indicators, and you want to combine them all into an alert system based on a combination of their signals..

In the settings of our alert indicators, there is a parameter called Indicator_Mode, which switches the indicator modes:

StandAlone – the default mode for receiving alerts about this particular indicator.

MasterFilter – in this mode, the indicator saves the last signal in the terminal, it changes the alert arrows to a hollow body to identify the indicators in this mode. You will not receive any warnings from this mode, it only stores its signals in your terminal.

SlaveSignal – in this mode, the indicator reads the signals of all indicators in the MasterFilter mode applied to this particular chart window, and sends an alerts when all the signals will coincide in the same direction. To separate the old signals on the chart, the indicator places a vertical line to easily separate the old signals from the new valid signals.

Here’s the examples.

This is MACD alert indicator in StandAlone default mode

This is the same MACD alert indicator in MasterFilter mode

It has changed the arrows and saves only the last signal, in a specific situation it is a buy signal. In this mode, it does not send any alerts, sounds or notifications.

This is the same MACD alert indicator in SlaveSignal mode

The yellow vertical line divides the chart, all valid signals will be located on the right side of the line. It is waiting for other indicators to share their signals on this chart.

The few examples of usage

Higher timeframe Daily MACD in MasterFilter mode and current H1 timeframe MACD in SlaveSignal mode giving alerts on higher timeframe chart direction

Heavy MACD 100 period in MasterFilter mode and Parabolic SAR breakout alerts in SlaveSignal mode

Classic heavy Moving average in MasterFilter mode and smoothed Stochastic alerts in SlaveSignal mode

MACD in MasterFilter mode and TDI marketbase crossover alerts in SlaveSignal mode

MACD in MasterFilter mode and BullsvsBears crossover alerts in SlaveSignal mode

you can also use bank levels indicator to get signals on daily range breakouts as I spotted in my Instagram stories, trendline alert indicator, support resistance zones alert indicator etc.

I’m very exited to create this functionality and hope it will bring your my trading on top.

Don’t forget to update your indicators.

If you have a questions or thoughts, reach out comments section below, my Instagram direct messages, telegram.

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