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in the article:

  1. Why you should use portable version of MT4 terminal
  2. How to use MT4 portable app using usb flash drive, hdd, other pc, vps server
  3. How to make MT4 portable app using any mt4 version
  4. Download MT4 portable latest official build 1220

1. What is a portable app?

A portable app is a computer program that you can place in any folder, a portable device or cloud drive and use on any Windows computer. This app using only local path to storing the settings and your personal data and working without installation process on current PC.

This feature will help you to trade in any PC without installing mt4 and always keep your private data with you on your portable device.

2. Moving a portable app between PCs, local folders, portable devices, cloud drives

Typical installation process for portable apps is simple coping and pasting process an app folder to a device’s destination directory. This app works from any device (USB flash drive, portable hard drive, cloud drive, iPod, etc), also works as you move computers and your drive letter changes.

3. How to make MT4 portable app using any mt4 version

If you have already installed mt4 terminal app on your PC you can make this app portable without loosing your settings and toolset by following this instruction:

    1. Right mouse click on mt4 shortcut on your desktop and choose Properties menu)
    2. Add “/portable” at the end of Target field of the Shortcut window
    3. Click “OK” to close that properties window.

  1. Since now all your data will be store in MT4 installation folder.You can freely moving this folder on your PC or copy to any portable devices.
    To run this app you should use that shortcut with /portable parameter.

4. Metatrader4 portable official metaquotes mt4 version build 1220

Metaquotes company officially ended of support mt4 version of their trading terminal.

If you will try to download mt4setup.exe from official site it will force to install mt5 version without any options. This is marketing tactics to gain mt5 users from young traders.

I’ve built portable mt4 version using latest official 1220 build for myself and you can download it just click download button.



  1. Download mt4 file
  2. Unzip to any directory of your device or PC
  3. Right mouse click on terminal.exe file and create shortcut to this file
  4. Use this instruction to make portable mt4 shortcut

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  1. Dear Sir goodmoorning.
    Today I started Mt4 platform as you desribed MT4 – PORTABLE instruction. But This is old version error occurs .
    And MT4 live account was not work 1090.

    would you mind to help for 1090 version MT4 . Now MT4 1170 version 4 is valid todays.

    Thank you

    • Hi! Like a piece of cake. I updated the portable set up to 1170 mt4 version. You can download it from this page.
      Good trading, buddy!

  2. Can somebody share a terminal.exe that still works on Windows XP please?

    It must be newer than, but older than ( does give an error on XP “… is not a valid win32 application”.

    Maybe someone can share terminal.exe ?
    Can you look?


    • Hi. Metaquotes ended up supporting Windows XP/2003/Vista it updates automatically at first launch on OS including Win7 and up to 10. If you want to prevent autoupdate use /skipupdate flag in terminal.exe shortcut.

      Ask your broker about minimal terminal version to connect their servers. Or try it by yourself here the link to 1127 build

  3. Very much appreciate your efforts & will donate, but please do something about all the crazy adds, popups & re-directs etc … Some and trying to trick me into downloading malware, some are even being blocked by my security software. Thank you!!


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