Fractals signals


Fractals are the 5 candles formation where middle candle is local high or low extremum.

Probably you may know the market structure have fractal nature it means the price have same structure in any time frames.

buy fractal
buy fractal
sell fractal
sell fractal


Fractals are trend patterns so they are need to be filtered by trend direction to avoid fake signals.

To trade automatically that candles formations in XenTrader we added Fractal signals indicator you can find it in the navigator window of metatrader4 terminal XenTrader->Signals list

mt4 navigator fractals

The settings:fractal signals settings

You can choose timeframe of the fractals
signal group to link the signal
reverse buy to sell and sell to buy
bars shift from current bar

This is how looks like fractals from higher timeframes

fractals higher timeframe

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