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Xentrader is the software for metatrader 4 terminal (expert advisor and set of signal indicators) with, you can create and automate numerous amount of trading strategies, automate trading by your favorite indicator, emulate other trading robot, create additional risk management algorithms without programmers, freelancers, modify and adjust it any times and any ways you want.


Download and unzip it to Data Folder of your metatrader 4 terminal, to open DataFolder, click File menu of mt4 terminal and click Open Data Folder.


Xentrader’s EA interface is build of functional elements, each of them helping you to have quick access to needed information or function of the system.

Every button or info box tagged with helping tooltips, if you don’t sure what does a button, just aim mouse cursor on it to read popup description of the button functions.


To control the system, we have created the multifunctional xentrader trading pad. This gives you quick access to many features and options. You can move the panel to any corner of the chart by mouse cursor.


Use these buttons to close trades individually.


Xentrader EA indicates current profit in currency of trading account and pips, in addition it saves closed profit in the profit tags on the chart


You can instantly save xentrader trading settings, all chart objects into one from three presets or the default preset which is loaded by default after applying xentrader to a chart.


In the case of automated trading, there’s set of signal indicators, you can mix them together or separate into five signal groups to trade five trading strategies the same time.

Simply add needed signal indicator or set of indicators to a chart with xentrader to trade automatically by these signals


Apply needed signal
1. In the navigator window you should find Indicators tree, XenTrader Signals list
2. Drag & Drop needed signal indicators to a chart window

Set Timeframe
In the signal’s settings double click on the TimeFrame parameter to open timeframes list

Set Trading Logic
Choose trading logic of the particular signal
Filter means if macd above zero line it allow only buy trades if below – sell trades
Zero Cross will show buy or sell signal only on one bar when macd would cross zero line
Each signal have his own unique trading logic

Set Signal Group
In the signal’s settings double click on the Group parameter to select signal group.
Group_0 usage only for visualization, no trades would open under the group

Signal Groups
All signals in the particular Group should send the same buy or sell signal to open any trade
Single XenTrader EA can trade using 4 different strategies (Signal Groups) same time


To trade with several terminals or backtest several strategies same time – run needed amount of mt4 portable instances. You can download portable MT4 by visiting the link http://projectreaper.pw/en/metatrader-4-portable/

To speed up visual backtesting time you can select backtesting control point mode. Also in Xentrader and xentrader signals settings you can set Execution_Trigger option from Every tick mode to higher value eg m5, it reduce frequency of calculations to one each 5 minutes. In real trading it gives step trailing like execution mode.

If you trading with tight stop losses or want to protect your trading from broker interruptions in Presets area of Xentrader settings free Additional_Features option to Secured Scalping.

By default Xentrader preconfigured to trade with trend lines and support resistance zones breakouts, you can place them using trade pad quick drawing buttons.

To switch Xentrader automated trading from market to pending orders you need to specify order types settings. To trade manually you can use trade pad buttons for each order types.

In Xentrader signals and automation area of settings, you can specify additional automation rules.

You can emulate binary options trading in FX market using market orders expiration mode option to specify lifetime of market orders and algorithm of closing.

To stay informed about your trading account in notifications area of Xentrader settings you can enable various types of alerts and messages like balance change alerts, drawdown and terminal closing warnings.

In interface area of Xentrader settings, you can change wallpaper, avatar, pairs switcher buttons, programmable buttons values.

By default in Xentrader trade pad using programmable buttons you can quickly display and hide round price levels, daily weakly monthly levels, pivot levels, average daily range targets.

To automate any indicator which you can buy or download from the internet, use xMyCustomIndicator tool, to automate crossing two different indicators use xMyCustomIndicatorV2 , to automate chart objects trading use xMyChartObjects tool which you can find in navigator window of mt4 terminal Xentrader signals folder. Just specify name of the indicator, parameters separated by comma, and buy sell rules.


On the way of making your trading strategy you need to define for yourself:

1. Trading instrument (which pairs to trade)
2. Time to enter the market (trade session, day of week)
3. Criteria to open trades
4. Money management
5. Risk management
6. Trades management
7. Trading account management

After that you can set needed parameters and signals which matched to your strategy and trading plan.

In navigator window of metatrader4 terminal you can find new Xentrader folder with signal indicators which sending their parameters to Xentrader engine. By combining the signals you can visualize or automate numerous of trading strategies.

Xentrader contain five trading signal groups each one can be used to visualize indicators data, open trades, close trades and master filter for all groups of signals. To change behavior of the particular group you need to choose from the list needed option in Xentrader settings Presets area trading group options.

In the one particular group you can add numerous trading signals which you can find in indicators list called xentrader signals. The trading signal is valid only when all signals in the group showing the same signal direction.

All that means the one xentrader instance can trade with five strategies same time.

By default all signals have shift parameter equal 1 it means the signal whatching previous closed bar of the chart to validate the signal. In some cases you need set shift parameter to 0 to use current bar signal validation, but without understanding it can be cause of fake signals because the price of the bar also the indicators are changing the values so it can give sell or buy or close trades signals on one bar same time while this bar is not closed.

In automation settings area you can set additional automation rules like amount of trades, amount of buy sell trades, daily filters, risk reward ratio limit, stop loss max limit, reverse trades, locking, swing trades, account drawdown and profit trading, candles filters etc

After all settings is done you need to backtest this strategy in strategies tester with different periods of time. Analyze the stats your will get and adjust the strategy to your criteria.

You can skip backtesting phase if you understand results of your trading methods especially if you trade using trade pad with trendlines or support resistance triggers and the xentrader is used as risk manager to manage your trades and trading account performance.

With the tools we’ve created you can also emulate work of other robots from the internet, backtest well known trading strategies and decide to trade with not by screenshots of charts but true data statistics of performance that strategy in the market. This is prevent of money spending to holy grail indicators, strategies sellers.


Use visual mode of strategies tester to backtest or learn how to trade in simulation of the market on historical data.

Choose control point simulation mode to increase the backtesting speed. If you don’t do scalping within spread profits with standard sl tp values the modeling accuracy is doesn’t matter.

Always use strategies tester of mt4 to backtest your ideas and settings before trading. It will show you statistics, pros and cons of your trading plan, this is the chance to save your money, time, adjust your mind to the real market before jumping in trading with current market situation without knowing how it will be.

Choice is yours: learn by losing money and spending life to the process or learn without losing your life-time and money.

Backtests are not the guarantee of profits in future, you should treat this like checking all the things are going right, The real market is quite different, there’s trading servers lags, errors, spread fluctations, slippage. That’s why is very important to understand and be prepaired to any trading situations – this is also your risk management.

Xentrader allows you to trade manually using trade pad or automatically using xentrader signals and your favorite indicators same way both on demo, live accounts and strategy tester.


Xentrader have built-in order management it prevent crashing your trading strategy on unpredicted events like spread rises by your broker, errors of order execution by broker’s server, withdrawing money by your pamm investors, also there’s advanced algorithms which can protect your account from broker manipulations and free your hands on risk management issues solving.

If your internet connection is weak or you can’t be sure of shutting down or rebooting of your pc or vps and you far from access to the terminal, to protect your opened trades always use standard take profit and stop loss orders. Xentrader will notify you by phone message or email if the terminal is closing by user or operation system, you need to enable these alerts in the settings.

If you trading with many pairs by one instance of xentrader without standard take profit and stop loss orders for example trading baskets of currency pairs you need to use built-in timer to generate ticks to the xentrader engine this is necessary because ticks of different pairs are asynchronized that means you can loose some profit if background trades will move some pips. In majority cases of basket trading you can use timer with 1000 milliseconds it’s not heavy load of cpu and gives nice performance.

To separate one xentrader strategies trading and orders from other xentrader instances on one account you can set unique magic numbers to every xentrader in the xentrader settings.

In the case of running several xentrader instances with the same magic number to prevent double counting trades use unique orders comments for every xentrader instance, you can set comments in the settings.

If you want to trade manually from your phone or not from trade pad but need xentrader manage your trades set xentrader magic number to 0 in the case xentrader will manage all trades opened in the trading account.

If you running multiple strategies or several instances of xentrader with different magic numbers and currency pairs, you can set supervisor xentrader which managing entire trading account with magic number 0, it means the robot doesn’t opening a trades but he closing all trades of other xentraders with money management and risk management defined criteria.

For example close all opened trades by reaching account profit at 10%, or cut losses of entire account at 5%, or trailing account profit with universal trailing stop using currency of trading balance, or place break even on every trade when the trade goes 10 pips from order open price or send to email or phone message every 5 hours with information about opened trades, equity, balance, profit etc.

In addition, you can run xentrader losses recovery instance, which open recovery trades only if trading account losses reaches defined levels or compound account profits risking only profits money without any risk to account balance. You can build very complex account management, the limits only in your imagination.

If you trade scalping on lower timeframes m1 m5 with tight stop losses use ask price hack and graphic take profit and stop losses it will protect your sell trades from hitting sl by ask price wide fluctuations. Also you need to use sell buy trigger trendlines to open the trades instead of pending orders to prevent broker’s interruptions to your trading in any timeframe.

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