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MQLDev – post 20201122

I am working hard on automation tools to turn active trading into a scalable passive source of income. If you have any thoughts or suggestions to share, I would love to see your thoughts here in the comments. In my vision, every person should have the opportunity to create passive income...
Projectreaper xMyChartObxects indicator autotrade by chart objects
Team added new xentrader indicator that automate any chart objects like arrows, text labels etc. Install new xentrader version, in navigator window you will find Xentrader xMyChartObjects indicator. To automate any kind of indicator that...
heiken ashi alert indicator
Heiken Ashi Step indicator. This indicator you can use in different ways : like the standard Heiken Ashi candles just set period and step parameters to 1 2. like Heiken Ashi smoothed 3. like analog of renko bars with bricks of defined range and period The settings Period of moving average and method Step in...
trendlines indicator dashboard
Hello guys! This is new version of trend line alert indicator. It have trend line dashboard that helps you to draw four types of trend lines ( highest price level, lowest price level, ascending lines, descending lines ) of every time frame Every trend line have popup tool tip with time frame...
After the recent update of Xentrader Online, a new payment option has been added, including visa and mastercard cards around the world.
xentrader update
The new Xentrader Online policy will take effect from today. The maximum cashback is expanded to 50%, and the process of getting a rank is changed, which makes the progress of increasing the user's level faster. The subscription price for using Xentrader Online adviser is set at $0.4 per day,...
bollinger bands alert mtf indicator
Hi everyone, with you mqldev, as always Multi-timeframe Bollinger bands indicator. updated version of the old indicator of 2017, which I made for a trader from the US in instagram talk, to trade in majors and options to them, Vitaly in the comments reminded me that I have wanted to update it, so...
gap alert indicator
Hi, my friend! This is my new multiple time frames dashboard indicator that alerts your about gaps on all pairs in your terminal. A gap - is the distance in pips between close price of previous candle and open price of current candle. Classic gap strategy is trading against gap direction on...

Zone Recovery EA

forex cashback

Xentrader Cashback Program

Xentrader Online launched the cashback program! All registered users participate in it automatically. Once a month, you will be credited with cashback depending on your activity and user rank. The minimal cashback amount is 0.01, the balance less than this amount will be saved in your profile and will be added in...
xentrader support chat room

Xentrader xchat update

Updated support xChat since now every user have their own support chat room to solve private scenarios without attention of other users. Use support button of Xentrader Online interface.  

Happy New Year 2020!

Happy New Year 2020! The Projectreaper team of traders wishes you to fulfill your wildest dreams in the new year 2020, to become financially independent, to open successful businesses, to say the most important words to the one you love and to hear these words from people who love you.   ...
xentrader payment methods
We added new payment methods Xentrader Online project To add funds to your Xentrader profile click to add funds button on your chart Choose payment method you'd like to use, set your amount and click to send invoice.

Xentrader trading fees update

The big billing update was released today for all Xentrader users We are reduced trading fees make trading much more profitable for all kind of our xentrader traders, xentrader signal providers and subscribers. Check the link to the fees page Let's check the details: Live trading fee is set to $0.1 per...
xentrader updates feed button
To improve xentrader's user experience we added new updates button that points you directly to the xentrader updates feed where you will find all changes and latest updates we've made in the ea and you will see here the information about future updates, you will be able to ask...
scam alert

Scam alert

As we were approached by users using our software, which they downloaded or purchased not on our site, we warning you about risk of being scammed. If you downloaded our software not in the or official sites there's no guarantee that software doesn't includes an ad's, fishing...
pojectreaper zone recovery ea trade panel
Added new parameter in the settings of Zone Recovery EA called Method Double click on it to switch lot size calculation logic Increment - adds to lot size increment value every recovery step (0.10,0.12,0.14.. etc) Percentage  - increase lot size to a inc percent (0.10,0.15,0.23.. etc) download demo and live zone recovery ea

Metatrader 4 portable 1220

in the article: Why you should use portable version of MT4 terminal How to use MT4 portable app using usb flash drive, hdd, other pc, vps server How to make MT4 portable app using any mt4 version Download MT4 portable latest official build 1220 1. What is a portable app? A...
Programmer Job Form  Request a new MT4 indicator or modification of existing MT4 indicator     Since we are traders, we are mainly busy in trading and development of our projects, so all requests for the development / revision of indicators are queued with priority on the price of the work. To be...
macd multiple timeframe

MACD Alert indicator MTF

New MACD indicator with alerts. Giving a signals when MACD crossover zero level or signal line and drawing arrows on main chart window. I added additional dash line for easy spotting hidden divergence. Settings : EMA settings of  MACD Alerts Zero level crossing level signals Signal line crossing UP and Down signals filter And alerts types...

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