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Metatrader 4 portable 1220

in the article: Why you should use portable version of MT4 terminal How to use MT4 portable app using usb flash drive, hdd, other pc, vps server How to make MT4 portable app using any mt4 version Download MT4 portable latest official build 1220 1. What is a portable app? A...
bollinger bands alert mtf indicator
Hi everyone, with you mqldev, as always Multi-timeframe Bollinger bands indicator. updated version of the old indicator of 2017, which I made for a trader from the US in instagram talk, to trade in majors and options to them, Vitaly in the comments reminded me that I have wanted to update it, so...
Programmer Job Form  Request a new MT4 indicator or modification of existing MT4 indicator     Since we are traders, we are mainly busy in trading and development of our projects, so all requests for the development / revision of indicators are queued with priority on the price of the work. To be...
macd multiple timeframe

MACD Alert indicator MTF

New MACD indicator with alerts. Giving a signals when MACD crossover zero level or signal line and drawing arrows on main chart window. I added additional dash line for easy spotting hidden divergence. Settings : EMA settings of  MACD Alerts Zero level crossing level signals Signal line crossing UP and Down signals filter And alerts types...
Hello guys! This is new version of trend line alert indicator. So the indicator will alert you with sound, alert window, push smartphone notification, mail alert about touching any trend lines or horizontal lines on a chart with BUY/SELL signal, pair, timeframe, price info and arrow on a chart. Since now this...
trading srategies lab

Trading strategies lab

Hello, we launched service to request custom automated signals for Xentrader Online by your rules. using this service, we will help you to automate custom signals to test and trade with Xentrader software. If you have trading idea which needs to backtest or manual trading method to automate, use this service. To...
xentrader update
Hello, folks! As you know, not so long ago, we created surveys of users on social networks about the most preferred prices for the online project Xentrader. The results was similar, we asked users to choose with pricing the best with two options: 5% from trading profit or just $1 per trading...
copy trading sevice

Copy trading service

Greetings, dear traders! We already launched new copy trading service. This is the trade copier to mirror trades from any one to everyone in the world via the internet. The core idea of that service is to provide easiest way of copy trading between different people and broker companies without worrying about...
new trades monitor
Hello, from the latest xentrader release, trades monitor displays pending orders, like the market ones you can quick delete them by clicking on it's button, it shows pair name, type, lot size and NET P/L of the order. In addition, the blocks of the trade monitor places more compact. Download and try...
xentrader support
Hi, in the latest release we added buttons to lower right corner for quick access to support chat room and xentrader user guide. This is important for the new xentrader users to be in touch with needed information and help. Download and try for free
adjust dpi problem solve
Hello, in the latest version of Xentrader we added automated scaling of it's interface for ultraHD displays with high dpi. Some of traders who want to use Xentrader with macbooks and surface laptops and can't adjust dpi value for metatrader terminal in the app settings manually, was faced with the problem...
breakeven line
Hello, I programmed new Xentrader interface feature to show current net profit loss breakeven with calculation of opened orders lot sizes and buy sell ratio. This is yellow line on the chart which shows you the level of breakeven in the case if price will go to the area. By default that...
fractals signals
Hi! We added new three trading logics to the Xentrader fractals indicator. This is a price breakouts of single or two or three previous fractals on the chart. This logic can be used in trend following strategies to consolidation breakouts structures. Download and try for free  
how to automate any custom indicator

Two indicators auto trading

Hi, buddy! We created the new tool to automate relationship of two custom indicators. Sometimes it needs to test or automate trading signals of two custom indicators from the internet or from your terminal, right now, without programming. Previously we programmed XenTrader_xMyCustomIndicator to autotrade with one custom indicator's buffers, read about it...
xentrader official support chat room
We have created users support chat room. Each xentrader user can ask technical questions about the xentrader project and service. To connect the chat room, you need to be logged in Xentrader Online with your profile open xChat window set the support chat room
xentrader online manual

Xentrader Online Manual

We have published and will continue to update the official xentrader user's guide manual You can find this document by following that link
xentrader update

Xentrader update 190719

Hello, buddy! Today we released new update of Xentrader Online Changes: 1. New automated signal Xentrader ZigZag This is automated version of classic zigzag indicator with extended trading logic Settings of the signal Trading logic contain five signal algorithms ZZ_FILTER - long / short filter based of current zigzag leg ZZ_SIGNAL - gives signals only on zigzag filter changes ZZ_SWINGBREAKOUTFILTER -...
xentrader multiple accounts update
Hi, folks! This is very important update of Xentrader software and back office servers, this one was challenging because we want to give you better flexibility in trading and the same time to keep the security level. Let's talk about new stuff here: 1. Multiple trading accounts profiles We unlocked multisig accounts...
heiken ashi step indicator
Heiken Ashi Step indicator. As you can see, this indicator you can use in different ways : like the standard Heiken Ashi candles just set period and step parameters to 1 2. like Heiken Ashi smoothed 3. like analog of renko bars with bricks of defined range and period The settings Period of moving...
xentrader update

Xentrader update 170319

Hello, brothers! New xentrader release is published. Let's check this stuff What's new: 1. New presets pad On the bottom of chart interface now you can find xentrader presets pad. Why this thing is here and for what - I made this thing tiny to use as little chart space as possible and...

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