Bollinger bands MTF alert indicator





Alert BB indicator I made for trading with Bollinger Band strategy.

This MTF version working with multiple timeframes so you recieving the alerts from several timeframes in this indicator.

This indicator will give you BUY/SELL signals via email, push smartphone notifications, pop up alert windows, sound alerts and draw arrows on a chart.

Signal candle is bearish candle after bullish above hight bollinger line and bearish candle after bearish candle below low bollinger bands line.

Tight stop losses nice risk / profit ratio in any time frame. This is already automation with fxUltimate robot.


Only strong signals option is filtering signals by one rule – signal candle should be closed above / below the Bollinger range, AllSignals – alert when previous bar was opened and closed out of BB range.

In MTF_Alerts parameter you should write needed timeframes from m1 m5 m15 m30 h1 h4 d1 w1 mn the list with sepatation by space

If you want to work only on current timeframe you can leave this parameter blank

projectreaper.bollinger bands mtf settings

15.06.2017 FIXED m1 bug. Thanks Valven444 for spotting this problem.

26.06.2018 Modified by request Scalp.fx user AllSignals will alert you when a bar will close outside of bollinger bands range



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  1. Is it possible to code an indicator that will alert when: the first candle has opened inside the bands and closed outside the bands and then another candle then opens outside the bands but closes inside the bands in the opposite direction?

    • Hi, Eric
      yes it’s possible, it need revision of that indicator, I planned to update this indi after new online service developing process currently I’m in. By the way Xentrader software have that BreakIN bollinger kind of trading signals, when I add this to the freeware bollinger indicator I will send you email about that.

  2. PLEASE EMAIL ME URGENT: this indicator only alerts on the second candle to close outside the bands. I NEED one to alert me on the first candle to close outside the bands man.

    please email me bro to have this made.

    • This indicator is alert you only when bar opened and closed outside of the bands. So the first should penetrate the band line and the second bar if not closed inside the bands range will send the alert. This is for AllSignals parameter set to true.

  3. Hi bro. Thanks for making this indicator. I have a question that im confused about.

    Which option do i use to get an alert as soon as a candle closes outside of the bands.

    • Hi.
      To set the alerts you need to set timeframes, allsignals parameter to true, and set to true the needed alerts types mail push etc.

  4. Thanks for your kind reply sir.. Actually I had lost my hard earned money.. I mean very big loss.. Now I am totally zero… I lost my all money in this forex.. Till now I am searching for the good profitable system… If anyone help to recover my All loses… Please share your profitable system to my mail id sir….

    • Sent you email. Hope it solves your problem.
      Do not show your email publicly there’s many spam bots and scams out there.

  5. Hello sir.,
    I have checked this indicator. Forward test and backtest(strategy tester) the arrows are disappearing… While comparing forward test there are somany arrows.. But in backrest one arrow only showing… So it means that this is also repainting indicator sir….

    • Pay attention the delete arrows parameter first. And the indicator have three signal logic read carefully. And the last thing – in strategies tester of mt4 terminal work with multiple timeframes are incorrect you should keep in mind that. First of all this is alert indicator originally made by request for binary trader to have alerts in a phone from all timeframes bollinger bands.

  6. Hi,
    Thanks for your contribution, many traders like me is looking for same and, yes it is what w want.
    I had downloaded and installed and set alerts, arrows, signals to be true and on testing it doesn’t show any arrows. I tried all options what you mentioned here but nothing worked. Can you please provide tutorials or guideline in which it is shown how it worked, so from next time if anybody have any problem in working with indicator can take reference of it.


    • Hello, Jim.

      This indicator I’ve made by request from binary trader and yes it have special logic.
      Arrows drawing only for current timeframe and only for current signals it means first arrow will appear when new signal will formed.
      In the case if you using multiple timeframes in the settings of the indicator all other timeframes signals will be sent you as alerts only.
      If you want to test it on strategies tester just enable Draw_Arrows parameter and let the price to form some signals with arrows.

  7. Hi Sir, 1st of all thanks for the super-nice indicator.

    1 question, which signal i have to choose if i want signal when candle closed outside BB?

    • Hello. You can turn to true AllSignals option in the case if you want to receive signal about all candles closed out of bb range this option overwrite OnlyStrong signals setting.

      OnlyStrong signals means if price break out bb range and next candle closed reversal to the range, for example: price break out higher bb line with bullish movement and next bearish candle closed higher high bb line would be signal.

      In timeframes option choose which timeframes do you need to analyze or leave it blank to work only in current tf. Good day!

  8. Hi,

    I am receiving alerts via email however no arrows are appearing?

    The arrows have been set to True and the Delete to False.

    Please help.

    • Hello! Arrows drawing only for current timeframe signals other timeframes are only alerting. If you want to trade only on current timeframe just leave blank timeframes option in the settings.

  9. Hi! There is a variavle “Alert” with value “Alert setting” so should i input here smth to be notifed? Cuz there is no sound alert when the signal is.

    • Hi. So when you changing the settings you need just press OK button in the indicators properties window. It should be saved and applied in that case. Also you can save it to a file and load by pressing load and save buttons.

      You can find official mt4 terminal help docs link in the right side bar of the site in desktop browser ➡ ➡
      Or below in mobile browser ⬇ ⬇

    • Hi.
      1. You need to copy the file to you mt4 indicators directory.
      2. You need to restart mt4 terminal or refresh list of indicators by clicking right mouse button on the list and choosing menu command refresh.

    • Hey there.

      If you want to receive the signals you should turn to true needed signal settings. This Indicator drawing arrows at new signal forming. The better way to understand how it works is to use strategies tester it will save your time in matching settings to your trading style.


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