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Xentrader online


How to install Xentrader to mt4

How to backtest a strategy

Automate and secure your trading process

  • Easy way to create your trading strategies, backtest and automate it


Install to your mt4

Automation of trading just in couple of clicks

All you need to do is just add rules of your trading plan and watch

Automate any free or commercial indicator

Just download it and use xMyCustomIndicator tool to set trading rules by the indicator logic

Automated signals

Signals list instantly updating with new tools
You can use:

Basket monitor
Bollinger bands
Candlesticks patterns
Donchian channel
Heiken ashi
Moving average
Moving average crossover
Multiple pairs moving average
News trading
Parabolic sar
Linear Regression channel
Time trading
Any custom indicator from the internet

No limits

Each copy of Xentrader EA can trade with five groups of signals same time and every signal group can contain unlimited indicators and chart signals

Find out the truth

Popular strategies which claimed as profitable actually losing in the long run. Don't waste your time and money to check it out, just check it by our soft within hours and make your own choice using the stats.

Check your strategy in history testing

Save your money and time using backtesting

Save your life time for important things

Delegate the work to the software

Extended money management

Recover losses and compound your profits

Unlimited ways of trading and strategies

This software adjust to your trading methods and preferences

Emulate and optimize any free or commercial EA

Xentrader can shape shift to any trading robot 's strategy and optimize it

Extended risk management

Protect your trading process with risk management features

Portfolio trading

Diversify you trading in a portfolio of trading strategies to create and automate your complex fx business model

Extended charting

Trading with: Manually or automatically placed trend lines - Support resistance zones - Pending orders - Grids - Pyramids Baskets of pairs

How to start

  • Download XenTrader
  • Install it to your MT4 terminal
  • Register your profile in our online service
  • Log in with your credentials
  • Use built-in trade pad to open trades or add to the chart signals from indicators menu
  • Use strategies tester to practice your skills or test your trading ideas and strategies
  • Grow your business of financial freedom like never before

How to add funds to your Xentrader balance

XenTrader Interface

  • Set criteria to open and close trades like you want to do this by yourself and delegate this work to the XenTrader software

Trading Pad

The trading pad will give you access to most trading functions of the EA

Each button have tool tip just aim mouse cursor to the button to read help

Trades Monitor

You can close opened trades using quick closing trades buttons

Information Boxes

Xen Trader keeping all information infront of your eyes

Xen Trader Settings

Xen Trader have built-in parameters of money management, risk management, interface, presets, different types of trailing stops, basket trading, alerts, mail settings and additional automation rules

How to configure automated signals

Apply needed signal

1. In the navigator window you should find Indicators tree, XenTrader Signals list
2. Draw & Drop needed signal to a chart window

Set Timeframe

In the signal's settings double click on the TimeFrame parameter to open timeframes list

Set Trading Logic

Choose trading logic of the particular signal

Filter means if macd above zero line it allow only buy trades if below - sell trades

Zero Cross will show buy or sell signal only on one bar when macd would cross zero line

Each signal have his own unique trading logic

Set Signal Group

In the signal's settings double click on the Group parameter to select signal group.

Group_0 usage only for visualization, no trades would open under the group

Signal Groups

All signals in the particular Group should send the same buy or sell signal to open any trade

Single XenTrader can trade using 4 different strategies (Signal Groups) same time

How to backtest your trading

Open Strategies tester window

Press CTRL+R keyboard hot keys or click strategy tester button

Set Xen Trader expert advisor

Choose Xen Trader expert advisor and enable Visual mode parameter

Set currency pair to test

In the Symbol list choose pair

Set testing model

Chose Every tick testing model

Set pair and Expert properties

Set Period (timeframe), spread, click Expert properties, set trading balance and press start button

Adjust speed of testing

By using the scrollbar set comfortable speed of testing

Practice like in real market

By clicking trading pad buttons you can practice on historical data like you trade live

Add signals to backtest automated trading strategies

Using automated signals can show you statistics of strategies and adjust it before demo or live trading

Get results of your algorithms

Check statistics of the algorithms and do optimization till the results will fit your expectations



Install to your mt4

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  1. Hi Dev, I think I have a problem, I cannot open trades with the trade pad. I think stoch indicator would have given a signal by now, I am not sure what is going on.
    Your advice is appreciated.

    • Hi, Keith.
      Previously you are registered with broker which have micro pairs, in majority of cases it have 0.1 minimal lot size, xentrader by default configured for standard account with 0.01 min lot and we recommend to use standard accounts(standard,ecn,ndd etc), you can make sure by opening journal tab in your terminal to check the lot size errors, you have to adjust it to your broker requirements. If you need any additional support use email, this is faster.


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