Xentrader update 270219


Hello, friends!

Let’s talk about new features of new Xentrader.

1. Version status

We added version label in the left low corner since now it automatically checking current version and latest released one and will tell you about it. So you’ll never miss the new update.

xentrader version status

2. Quick draw regression channel button.

We have played a lot with channels the last week and this feature is very handy.

draw regression channelregression channel draw regression channel draw

3. Compound update

We added new feature in the compound module called compound_lot_overcalculate if enabled, the module will calc lot size based on profit/loss value and pips distance for the next trade with calculating disbalance for all opened trades on that pair short and long it makes the calculations of the whole trading portfolio for that pair or several pairs if needed.

How to use it, for example if you using recovery trades like zone recovery method, and don’t want to martingale the thing, this compound algorithm will give you ability to manage that recovery process not based on lot size increasing but calculating true loss and recover it for all trades same time.

Or if you using additional odds in trend trending and want to reinvest the profits for the next all trades move, not a single one, this is it.

Or you swing trading and wants to reinvest the profits without closing previous trades with possibility to make more money from long term trading after consolidation or possible wrong entry.

compound lot overcalculate

4. We added new features to the trendlines trading

We made list of actions after a trendline break not you can choose from:

  • filter – do nothing(this is for those who using trendlines as long short filter for other setups and indicator trading) for example you can use heavy ma like 100 or 200 period, stochastic and new regression channel to filter your trades in the direction of main trend on pull ups by stochastic after regression channel breaks(flag pattern)
  • trendline_delete – after opening trade it will delete the line
  • color change – after opening trade it changing the color of the line to inactive color which set in the settings, by default is gray, it will save your setups for the future analyzing, but makes the charts trashy messy.

trendlines algorithm modes

The next new trendlines feature called tl_closed_bar_prices, if enabled, it uses only close price of bars(candles) to calculate the breakouts. It gives smooth, stable trading experience, just switch your chart to lines charts ALT+3 and you will understand it.

trendlines closed price trading

And the last one trendline feature called trendline_breakout_strict, if enabled the line should be penetrated by previous candle to make it valid it’s like limit pending order should be penetrated up and down to execute trade, but the difference in our logic the bar should be closed, it avoid you from spikes and fake setups instead of using standard pending orders which not.

Also we added and modified some engine algorithms which boring to explain.

In addition, we have made new broker statistics v2 you can check it in xentrader site here http://xentrader.online/brokers-rating.html

since now the statistics accumulates every tick so it would better and we added some additional info about brokers.

And finally, we spotted some of you guys going to first xentrader rank level up and we decided to bring some bonuses for those who using our software so every rank update you guys will receive a gift to your xentrader balance from us and the greater rank you would have, the cheaper commissions you will pay. Check this out in our site rank table http://xentrader.online/index.html#table1-f

Cheers, and have a good time!

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