Xentrader update 190719


Hello, buddy!

Today we released new update of Xentrader Online


1. New automated signal Xentrader ZigZag

xentrader zigzag

This is automated version of classic zigzag indicator with extended trading logic

xentrader zigzag chart

Settings of the signal

xentrader zigzag settings

Trading logic contain five signal algorithms

xentrader zigzag trading logic

ZZ_FILTER – long / short filter based of current zigzag leg
ZZ_SIGNAL – gives signals only on zigzag filter changes
ZZ_SWINGBREAKOUTFILTER – long / short filter based on the last two zigzag swing points
ZZ_SWINGBREAKOUTSIGNAL – gives signals only on last two zigzag points breakouts
ZZ_FIVEPOINTSFILTER – this is the same swing breakout filter but with only one difference – it uses five last zigzag swing points

2. New automated stop loss based on last zigzag swing points

the idea is simple – when xentrader opens a trade, for a buy market and pending orders it places stop loss on previous low swing point of zigzag, for sell market and pending orders it uses high zigzag swing point

xentrader zigzag swing points automated stop loss

in the settings it contain standard parameters of the zigzag and buffer in pips which adds some pips to the zigzag swing price level.

3. Interface changes Daily, weekly, monthly levels

We slightly changed the look of the price levels and labels on chart

xentrader daily weekly monthly levels chart

In the interface settings we added a lot of levels parameters

since now, you can switch off/on daily, weekly, monthly open, close and middle points, their shift from current bars, that means now you can display current day points, previous day and whatever you want, the same for week and month timeframes.

xentrader interface daily weekly monthly levels

In addition, you can set trend lines trader in the settings to trade their breakouts automatically, this is the main reason why we split the levels, we have new price levels traders in our team

Follow our updates reports, soon we will describe xentrader.online site changes and new stuff in our projects.

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