Xentrader update 170319


Hello, brothers! New xentrader release is published.

Let’s check this stuff

xentrader update

What’s new:

1. New presets pad

On the bottom of chart interface now you can find xentrader presets pad. Why this thing is here and for what – I made this thing tiny to use as little chart space as possible and this system allows you dynamical manage your strategies with different settings and indicators in there. Try it and you will love it! Believe me.


This pad contain three presets space and one default, it’s enough to have all what you need to have trend setups, range, automated stuff, scalp or swing, recovery loss or heavy compound systems just below your mouse cursor on the fly. It saving your xentrader settings, trade pad numbers, chart objects, applied indicators and their parameters. You can save and load this on any pair you want.

2. Absolute drawdown stats

In trader info box you can find updated drawdown statistics. Now you see related and absolute drawdown on your trading account.

xentrader max absolute drawdown

3. Compound module changes

When you using compound money management tool with enabled Compound builtin stop loss and take profit automated calculations since now this method calculates compound lot with new algorithm:

If you have set stop loss on new trade(automatically or manually) lot would calculate only stop loss distance.
If stop loss isn’t set compound calc take profit target to its lot.
If take profit and stop loss didn’t set compound lot calculates using compound pips value from the settings or from trade pad.

We tested this logic a lot and can say this is more profitable method that previous one.

compound builtin take profit stop loss

Many would love the next addition in the system

4. Login with previous successful session

I use multiple brokers and am actually tired of entering login and password every time after changing broker server so now you don’t need to do that. After you enter valid profile credentials in the Xentrader settings, It saves the full configuration in the session template to make it active in the login window. You can simply drag xentrader to your chart and click restore previous session button, that’s all it will load the full last session with indicators, parameters and chart objects. This is very handy, I have already appreciated this possibility of a quick login to the system, as well as a bonus, the session saves all objects, sometimes it is very useful to roll back with saving of all objects of the chart, those who have ever faced freezing their terminal – they will understand me 😉

xentrader restore previous session


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