Xentrader trading fees update


The big billing update was released today for all Xentrader users

We are reduced trading fees make trading much more profitable for all kind of our xentrader traders, xentrader signal providers and subscribers.

Check the link to the fees page http://xentrader.online/index.html#pricing-tables1-4

Let’s check the details:

Live trading fee is set to $0.1 per active trading day for each 100 points of your broker account balance the fee calculates automatically and makes that cost so little you doesn’t feel that fees.

Demo trading fee is set to $0.1 per active trading day fixed value

various fees

Backtesting a strategy fee set to $0.1 per test

Linking up additional broker account to your Xentrader profile fee is set to $0.1

As you can see we are reduced your fees in ten times, you will feel that today already and in the future.

At any point you can get info about current xentrader fee in your xentrader interface on your chart window, for that we added new information label about your current trading days left and fee per trading day cost, it calculates automatically using you xentrader balance, broker trading account balance and trading account type.


xentrader trading days left info label


God bless you all,

Happy New Year and profitable trading for every Xentrader member!


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