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This is very important update of Xentrader software and back office servers, this one was challenging because we want to give you better flexibility in trading and the same time to keep the security level. Let’s talk about new stuff here:

1. Multiple trading accounts profiles

We unlocked multisig accounts for you guys, that means now you can link any amount of broker trading accounts to your Xentrader profile and trade with all of them same time without limitations. Now you need just one profile to manage the whole portfolio of trading accounts, this update primary was made for pamm traders and those who trade with different brokers.
Our traders was faced with one issue – some brokers are using you name in different ways(not only your name, but that was critical), because of lack regulation and standartization in this industry, we solved that by changing our security system.
Our team already deleted xen profiles for different brokers and now we using single profiles for all our brokers trading accounts, that’s very handy and this feature will be the core for our new services. Try this and give us some feedback.

I will show you the process of linking extended broker account to your xentrader profile:

The first step is apply xentrader to your new trading account and login with your existing xentrader profile, you will see this account linking window from our server

account link up xentrader

Click the button and you will see infobox which tells you you need to confirm the process in confirmation email we sent you.

account link up xentrader 1

Open your email, check details and click confirmation button

account link up xentrader confirmation email

This is it, this account was linked to your profile, now you can login to it and trade with this broker.

That was made for security reasons, so even if someone would steal your xentrader credentials, you can deny these actions and by following instructions below the confirmation email restore security of your profile, and this helps us to send claim report to the broker security service about that scammer.

2. New Ichimoku xentrader signal indicator

xentrader ichimoku signal

this indicator can be used like trend filter when price above below Senkou Span A and Senkou Span B lines (Ichimoku cloud), also this indicator can give signals when price break out Ichimoku cloud. Classic trading by Ichimoku cloud trading system.

3. Added new cup pattern to Xentrader moving average signal

movingaverage signal ma cup xentrader

Choose this mode, define bars of this cup pattern by editing SecondParameterShift value to catch price reversal pattern like on the screen example.

ma cup signals xentrader

Also you can use SecondParameterShift value to adjust shift in bars of second calculation point in MA_FILTER mode.

4. New Xentrader parameter Trading_bias

xentrader trading bias parameter

this is filter in automation area of Xentrader, it calculates net profit of opened buy and sell orders and if this parameter set to TREND_TRADING it takes signals only of profitable direction, for example if sell trades profit greater than buys, this algorithm will decide to open ONLY short positions by the trend direction to follow the profitable way.

If this parameter set to SWING_TRADING it will takes opposite profitable side, to catch trend reversal spots.

Set this parameter to NONE to define neutral trading bias of this robot.

To install this update as always follow this link http://xentrader.online/

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