White Paper

Projectreaper Team Vision

About Our People

We are a decentralized team of specialists from IT, Business, Internet technologies, united by one hobby - inter-bank trading of assets, which has become one of our main sources of income.

Our Why

The trading terminals that we use for trading have their own limitations and are created mainly for brokers, not retail traders. That doesn't suit us.


We create the tools we need to trade efficiently and automate the routine that every trader faces every day. We do not follow the rules that are imposed on us, we create our own by using our software.


The advantages of using automation are undeniable:

  • Software does not get tired
  • Does not break the rules of trading plan
  • No emotions - the software does not worry because of a bad day, problems with the boss, work, your girlfriend, neighbors, friends, etc.is not afraid to keep a large profit to the set take profit or goal, is not afraid to cut a loss when necessary.
  • Software has a better reaction than you.
  • Multitasking 24/5, 60 minutes per hour, 60 seconds per minute, 100 times per second.. can you do that every day?
  • You are free - you do not need to sit in front of the display all day, waiting for the signal to open an order or exit the trade.
  • Automated risk management will protect you from broker price and spread manipulation.
  • You can test your trading system before trading - don't waste time trading on a demo account plus money on a live account.
  • You are a general, not a soldier - this is a key feature, you do not need to open a trade by your hands, you can focus on building a portfolio of strategies with risk diversification, those who have their own business, understand that very clear.
  • You set rules for open and close trades like you want to trade by yourself and delegate this work to the software


Financial freedom for those who understands the opportunities of leveraged trading is our mission. We have life long goals, not just sell you something now and forget about it for the rest of out lives. Even if you far from understanding the trading business but you want to make your income actually you can create it with our project also using paid promotions with nice money level without any money investment just your time.

Happy financially free people around the world is our target, joing us in our mission. See you!