Projectreaper Team


  • We are the team of IT, Business, Internet technologies enthusiasts from RUSSIA, USA, UK, FRANCE, united by the one hobby - inter-bank currency trading, which has become one of our main sources of income. In the world of bank systems slavery we cracking the system with algorithms and risk management to build financial freedom for everyone.


  • Governments want us to stay deep in the debt, it makes people controllable and dependent. We want to see the world of happy free people, business owners, creators with peaceful mindset without the TV and social propaganda in their heads. In the system we are just a resource but we are personalities with unique combination of talents, hopes, dreams, ideas with soul and predestination.


  • We are does not collecting any of your personal data to sell it AD companies or send to any government organizations. All data like emails, names, nicknames, broker company names, account numbers, spread stats, slippage are collected only to improve usability and debug our software.


  • Living your life between the evening of friday to the evening of sunday because of 9 to 5 job and loans this is isn't the life we want for us and for you - we are born to be free.


  • We create the tools we need to trade efficiently and automate the routine processes that every trader faces every day. We do not follow the rules that are imposed on us by retail brokers, we create our own by programming the new rules and opportunities.

XENTRADER software