Trend lines alerts indicator UPD


Hello guys!
This is new version of trend line alert indicator.




So the indicator will alert you with sound, alert window, push smartphone notification, mail alert about touching any trend lines or horizontal lines on a chart with BUY/SELL signal, pair, timeframe, price info and arrow on a chart.
The settings:



Two logics in there :

  1. Line breakout on current candle
  2. Previous candle penetrate and closed above/below a trend line

ClosedPricesLogic=false – first logic, true – second

change_to_neutral_color=true makes the triggered lines inactive with neutral_color setting (thanks Pavel for the idea)

UPD 14.11.2017
Alexandre mailed me to add option which can disable on chart arrows drawing so:

Added new parameter  Draw_Arrows – if turned to false the indicator will do not draw the signal arrows on a chart

Update 25.07.2018
At the request of the trader Sergey added two parameters
Buy_Sound_Alert and Sell_Sound_Alert identifying separately the names of the sound files that are played back when signals on buy and sell. Sound files are located in the terminal folder “Sounds”.




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  1. Hi MQLDev this indicator is awesome, thanks very much for sharing it, much appreciated!

    It’s basically a set and forget indicator, you’ll receive an alert when price touches or breaks a trendline.

    Maybe I’m no in a position to make a request however I’m suggesting an edit anyway.

    Would it be possible to set a pip range. Meaning if price is in xxx amount (pip amount away from trendline set by trader) of pips away from trendline, it alerts so you can watch what is going to happen, whether or not trendline is about to be touched or broken.

    This would be the ultimate trendline alert indicator for me!

    Keep up the good work,

    best regards,


    • Hi, Patrick.
      Well I can’t clearly understand the scenario of usage that algorithm.
      Let’s say you have five trendlines on a chart so you placed it on local highs and lows sup/res levels and waiting for continuation of the trend or trend breakout. What do you need from the algorithm? Do you need to stay with attention to the price action after trendline breakout or before it?

      Why I asking. I really do some complicated stuff and many traders asking me to make some simple tools. Also after launching our new project here I want to add to the email indicator alerts screenshots of the charts to visualize the price action.

      Also do not forget I have made this indicator basically it can alert your how many pips the price had moved between pip range set by you. Maybe this is exactly what you need.

    • Sorry, maybe I’m wrong.
      I need alert when price break out trend line and bar closed behind the line. For me this mean breakout is valid If price break line but the current bar is not closed behind line I don’t need alert. Because sometimes break out can fail. So I think Closed Prices Logic should be false (Previous candle penetrate and closed above/below a trend line). Other settings: change to neutral-false, Draw Arrows-false.
      If my explanations are hard to understand, maybe the reason is in me. And for this I can send а email with screen shots with the situation for more clarity. Thank you for understanding!

    • Thank you!
      If you like my idea you can add Volume and Bill Willams’s Market Facilitation Index. If we have line breakout with green/lime MFI (MFI up, Vol up) or only rising Volume then indicator send alert.

    • Just apply volumes on a chart with trendlines alerter to do additional analysis. You can draw trendlines and horizontal lines on different timeframes this indicator working with price only. Not every alert should be entry point you should keep trend direction for better risk reward ratio in trades. Now I’m in hospital and can’t write extra code in there but I think simple tools are better for manual trading.

    • Ok. I wish feeling better as soon as possible. I will call you later to discussing what I need at what cost.

  2. Very good indicator, it helps a lot in the day to day, he that informs me the entrances and exits. I asked for a change and the same MQLdev did in time. I just have to thank.

    • Этот индикатор отсылает уведомления при пробое ценой трендовых и горизонтальных линий на графике, если нет этих линий на графике, то уведомлений и не должно быть.

    • Hi Patrick!

      This alert indicator is working with manually placed trend lines or horizontal lines.

      Make sure you’re installed this indi correct in your indicators folder of your mt4 terminal. And make sure you’re using latest version of the terminal. If you have a problem with installation of the indicator you can contact me via mail with screenshot. I’ll try to help you to solve the problem.


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