Trading pad update v5.88


Good day, my dear traders!

Finally, I’ve done with hospitalization after some blood system issues and very glad to back to work on the project and trading.

I’m happy to show you the fresh trading pad update. There’s several additional options in the interface, which improve daily routine and make trading smoother.

Let’s start from the list of new features one by one:

  1. On the pad, you can find new buttons to work with pending orders: to place buy stop, buy limit, sell stop, sell limit orders and the little button to delete all pending orders from the stop, buy limit, sell stop, sell limit ordersLot size, stoploss, takeprofit, distance from current price and expiration you can set in the pad or the settings of the robot.
  2. Chart drawing buttons.Chart drawing buttonsOn the top left corner you can find buttons which will put on the chart buy and sell trend lines triggers to open order when price will penetrate the lines, also support and resistance zones which automatically stretching to the current bar and changing their colors if support become resistance and vice versa.
    Also there’s two buttons which placing magenta colored horizontal or trend lines, this is closing triggers, so if price crossing the lines all trades will close.chart screenshots by single click

    Finally, you can find here button with white eye, this button allows you make chart screenshots by single click.

  3. Also there’s twelve programmable buttons I preprogrammed this for you to gain access to quick show pivots, key levels, ADR levels and important multiple strong levels. Press once to show this on a chart and again to hide so your chart would stay clear when needed.popup tooltip
  4. And another addition here is tooltips to all buttons here so if you need to understand which function will make the button just move your mouse cursor to any button and help will appear in popup tooltip. So no need any more manuals and screenshots with explanation and something like that.

All traders which have access to the cloud storage already can download latest version and try it. Important thing – you need to download whole distributive not only Projectreaper_fxULTIMATE ex4 file pay attention to that, I made some fixes in internal system also I think there’s no interesting tech info to users which changes I made in the algorithms.

Actually, this 5.88 update is final for the current engine and whole concept of the project view to the automation.

Now I am busy on developing a way better engine on my opinion, which gives users freedom to automate whatever they want, even they didn’t have so many experience instead of current engine, I understand that so I making whole project newbies friendly and visually native.
The process of making any multiple timeframes and multiple currencies strategies would be simple as drag and drop. Backtesting strategies, learning by trading on historical data, demo, live trading, constructing strategies, mixing up strategies with one robot would be a way better, that’s the point why, and what I want to develop.

Stay in tune, future updates will come soon.

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