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macd multiple timeframe

MACD Alert indicator MTF

New MACD indicator with alerts. Giving a signals when MACD crossover zero level or signal line and drawing arrows on main chart window. I added...
xentrader multiple accounts update

Xentrader multiple accounts update

Hi, folks! This is very important update of Xentrader software and back office servers, this one was challenging because we want to give you better...
how to automate any custom indicator

How to automate custom indicators

Hello, people, as you can see we making new automated signals for the XenTrader regularly, but now I want to teach you how to automate...
fractals signals

Fractals signals

Fractals are the 5 candles formation where middle candle is local high or low extremum. Probably you may know the market structure have fractal nature...
candlesticks master morning star pattern

Candlesticks Master

Hello. Added new signal instrument to the XenTrader software to trade with price action. Candlesticks master This signal scanning the chart for candlesticks patterns. Let's check the settings: TimeFrame...
moving average signal rise fall

XenTrader MA rising and falling

Hi, Guys! I added new MA rising and falling filter to the XenTrader moving average signal. When the ma is increasing the value it gives buy...
regression channel signal

Regression channel

Today we have added a new signal module for Xentrader expert advisor. The module is called XenTrader_Regression_Channel. This signal working with multiple timeframes regression channel indicator. This...
multi pair moving average

Multiple pair moving average

Today we have added a new signal module for Xentrader expert advisor. The module is called XenTrader_MP_Moving_Average. Instead of regular moving average signal the peculiarity of...
xentrader trend signal

Trend filter

The trend filter is added to XenTrader Based on ATR You can choose timeframe, signal group and trading logic : TrendFilter or TrendSignal Filter for other trading...

MT4 EA Xentrader Online



Alright, guys. Let's start some new stuff. Today I officially releasing new v6.00 BETA of my project. All users with Trader's ID can download it...
Projectreaper Custom Candles indicator d1h4

Custom candles MTF indicator

Hello everyone! This is my new indicator called Custom candles which can draw on a chart higher timeframe candlesticks. It very helps do not jump...
Better volumes indicator

Better volumes MTF indicator

Hello, friends! This is my new indicator for VSA traders or just those traders who using tick volumes in their trading process. This is multiple timeframe...
expert advisor bulls vs bears auto trading strategy

Forex EA Update – Bulls vs Bears auto trading

Greetings! This is the next update of the EA fxULTIMATE with new signal trading module Twin Bulls vs Bears which trade with my Bulls vs...
expert advisor adx auto trading

Forex EA update – Auto trading with ADX

Hello there! Today I'll show you the new trend module of fxULTIMATE EA called Twin ADX. This is module which trade by Average Directional Movement Indicator...
supertrend trading module signals 2

EA Update – Supertrend auto trading module

Hi, Guys! I made new trend trading module in my EA fxULTIMATE. This module allows to trade by my Moving average supertrend indicator It called Twin Supertrend...

Projectreaper fxULTIMATE Full version

Hi guys! The ultimate version of the robot is deprecated Download the latest upgraded version of the mt4 robot free trial - http://xentrader.online/
osma alert mft multiple timeframe

OSMA Alerts MTF indicator

New OSMA oscillator indicator with alerts and multiple timeframes calculation. Standard settings for my indicators all users already knew what each option means. Set needed timeframe,...
moving average supertrend multiple timeframe

Moving Average Supertrend Alerts indicator MTF

Here's my new trend following indicator with alerts. Based on moving average lines. Trading Logic : All 4 red lines above blue lines - uptrend, All 4 red...
basket_monitor indicator

Basket_monitor indicator

Basket_monitor indicator   New of multi-currency basket monitoring indicator. Designed for forex basket trading method. Multi-pair indicator. In the one indicator window: Custom basket summary chart 14 pairs slots ...

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