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Breakeven TP SL levels indicator

Hey, what's up? This is new mt4 break even level indicator. It plots breakeven level, profit and loss levels automatically when you open a trade. Each level...
xentrader update

Xentrader update 270219

Hello, friends! Let's talk about new features of new Xentrader. 1. Version status We added version label in the left low corner since now it automatically checking...


Alright, guys. Let's start some new stuff. Today I officially releasing new v6.00 BETA of my project. All users with Trader's ID can download it...
projectreaper lot size calculator

Lot Size Calculator indicator

Hi guys! I answered a lot of questions about lot sizing, how to calculate it for non usd pairs especially, so I decided to code...

Projectreaper fxULTIMATE Full version

Hi guys! The ultimate version of the robot is deprecated Download the latest upgraded version of the mt4 robot free trial - http://xentrader.online/

Metatrader vs fxULTIMATE take profit comparison

Ok we have already 5.85 version and I want to compare built-in metatrader take profits tools and Projectreaper fxULTIMATE When I trade with Metatrader I can...

How to recovering deep drawdowns in forex

I took the dumb strategy based on candles high / low breakout. Without any trend filtering and daily targets also it going only in...

Forex auto lot calc update

New update for forex robot fxUTIMATE autolot system. I made today three methods for lot calculation and already applyed it to the new build that's...

Forex lot calculation

Hello traders! Today I want to write about order lot calculation. Before placing an order a trader must to set lot size of the position.  How calculate...

Download Free Forex Expert Advisor Projectreaper_Lite

Hi guys! The lite version of the robot is deprecated Download the latest upgraded version of the mt4 robot free trial - http://xentrader.online/

15 Fatal Forex Expert Advisor Configuration Mistakes

15 Fatal Forex Expert Advisor Configuration Mistakes. 1. Wrong money management. Proper money management will save your account. If you using autolot algorithm 1-3% of your...

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