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How to combine two or more signal alert indicators together

Projectreaper alert indicators have the ability to share their signals to create more accurate trading alerts. I'll show you how to do this with a...

Support Resistance Zones MTF Alert Indicator

Hi, this is my new automated support resistance zones alert indicator. It automatically plot current support and resistance zones on your chart and alerts with popup...

Parabolic SAR MTF Smoothed Alert Indicator

New Parabolic SAR multi-timeframe smoothed alert indicator. This is enhanced version of the Parabolic SAR indicator originally developed by J. Welles Wilder Jr. The what's new...

RSI Smoothed MTF Alert Indicator

New version of RSI oscillator smoothed multiple timeframe indicator with alerts. This is enhanced version of the RSI indicator originally developed by J. Welles Wilder...

Breakeven TP SL levels indicator

Hey, what's up? This is new mt4 break even level indicator. It plots breakeven level, profit and loss levels automatically when you open a trade. Each level...
xentrader update

Xentrader update 270219

Hello, friends! Let's talk about new features of new Xentrader. 1. Version status We added version label in the left low corner since now it automatically checking...


Alright, guys. Let's start some new stuff. Today I officially releasing new v6.00 BETA of my project. All users with Trader's ID can download it...
trading pad

Trading pad update v5.88

Good day, my dear traders! Finally, I’ve done with hospitalization after some blood system issues and very glad to back to work on the project...
price changing alerts

Price Changing Alert indicator

Hey there! This is my new alert indicator which help you to control your trades or market movement in any pair. How it works: When price on...
Projectreaper Custom Candles indicator d1h4

Custom candles MTF indicator

Hello everyone! This is my new indicator called Custom candles which can draw on a chart higher timeframe candlesticks. It very helps do not jump...

Projectreaper fxULTIMATE Full version

Hi guys! The ultimate version of the robot is deprecated Download the latest upgraded version of the mt4 robot free trial - http://xentrader.online/

Trendlines breakout trading set file example

      Hi there! I've started new series of articles with examples of configurations for different trading types. Today we'll take a look to trend lines breakouts trading...

Linear Regression Alert Indicator

I continue uploading my indicators for you guys. This one today is linear regression channel indicator. In your metatrader terminal you can find tool called...

Forex Bank levels alert indicator

Ok guys this is another alert indicator I made for bank levels trading strategy we are trading break outs or pull backs What is bank...

New forex signals to levels converter orders system

New forex signals to levels converter orders system Hello guys! v5.83 fxUltimate forex robot engine updated by the instrument Signals to levels converter What it does. Basicaly this module...

Forex Key Levels (Round Levels)

Forex Key Levels (Round Levels) Round price values like 1.10000 or 129.000 on Forex trading called a KEY LEVELS. Why you should keep eyes on them?...
projectreaper fibonacci

Fibonacci pivots and custom levels

Update v5.7.9.7 Added drawing Fibonacci pivots feature Added drawing custom multi timeframe levels and tags

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