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how to automate any custom indicator

How to automate custom indicators

Hello, people, as you can see we making new automated signals for the XenTrader regularly, but now I want to teach you how to automate...
protrader scam

Professional forex trader. Reality.

Hello, there! Time after time I receiving messages from guys who calling themselves professional binary or forex traders and offering me management service, mentoring course...

Trendlines breakout trading set file example

      Hi there! I've started new series of articles with examples of configurations for different trading types. Today we'll take a look to trend lines breakouts trading...
hide expert advisor from broker

How to hide an EA from your broker

Hi there! I've recieved the question from our user so I want to make How to article here. So if you want to hide an EA...
projectreaper questions



How to recovering deep drawdowns in forex

I took the dumb strategy based on candles high / low breakout. Without any trend filtering and daily targets also it going only in...

Forex magic number

If you using an expert advisor or script in metatrader terminal you can find the parameter called "magic" or "magic number".   What does it mean? Magic number...

15 Fatal Forex Expert Advisor Configuration Mistakes

15 Fatal Forex Expert Advisor Configuration Mistakes. 1. Wrong money management. Proper money management will save your account. If you using autolot algorithm 1-3% of your...

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