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Projectreaper fxULTIMATE EA


Risk Management Features

Protect your trades 24/7

Using built-in features like 5 types of trailing stop, break even, locking, partial closing, spread protection even you far from your terminal

Sure process opening & closing orders

The EA have broker's server catching errors algorithm to be sure your trade will open or close when needed

Automated Spread Control System

Decreasing your spread cost for opening buy trades and closing sell trades

Email notifications with chart screenshots

Check your trades by using email orders notifications, max drawdown alerts, daily reports with chart pics and information about trades

Protect your trades from broker's manipulations

Ask price hack and graphic SL - TP mode will help you to avoid broker's manipulations and allows you to trade with very tight stop loss levels

Risk management algorithms

Percentage risk and profit, daily targets, historical profits, profits and losses on the account in money, each trade separately, buys and sells mixed profits levels, step trailing profits algorithms

Detailed statistics of your broker

The EA automatically saving statistics about trading conditions of trading server separately for each currency pair and trading account to the file

Basket and portfolio trading

Organize your trades in baskets of currencies, classic baskets trading and hedging triangles

Money Management Features

Money management

Lot size calculation based on equity, stop loss risk, take profit gain

Compounding and reinvestment algorithms

Automated lot size management using previous profits to multiply your earnings

Losses recovering algorithms

From pyramiding, averaging and martingale to grids and reversed compounds in losses levels on trading account

Virtual balance and delta

Trading with automated nipple money management method and delta calculations


One click trading

Built-in trading pad allows you to trade in a single click

On chart HUD

Important trading information and key levels, pivots, bank levels, economic news indication right on a chart

Quick graphic instruments

Trend lines and support resistance zones markup and auto trading with quick triggers

Easy assets shifting

Pairs switching using smart asset buttons

Trading Features

Manual trading

Using trading pad

Automated trading

Using collection of technical and price action signal instruments

Practicing on historical data

Save your life time while learning trading methods and practicing skills in strategies tester like real market

Backtesting and optimization

Adjust your trading strategy or test new forum's holy grail

Trading Strategies Methods

Create brand new

You can create new trading strategy using all needed built-in algorithms

Copy existed and modify

Write down trading rules and set it in the parameters

Emulate any robot

Reverse engineering any EA and emulate

Mix up trading strategies

One fxULTIMATE EA allows you to mix up 5 trading strategies in the one portfolio

Easy as drag & drop

Automated trading configuration using drag and drop method

No programming skills needed

Changing stop loss or creating new strategy - no problem just tweak it

Your trading strategy is safe

We do not stealing trading strategies like freelancers - you are creator of them

Save your trading strategies

You can safe our trading strategy as preset and quick changing it from trade panel

Creativity and ideas


We can help if you ask.

Life long goals

This project our main trading instrument

Ongoing evolving

Things are changing, people's mindset, market and the project. New ideas is here

New instruments

Do you need new instrument - we can help

We are migrated to the our new software

Click the image to check the new product

Auto trend lines breakout trading

I just set SL to ten pips, automatic lot size calculation with low risk preset, placed buy trend line on the fractals using quick draw button on the top of trade pad.

Auto trend lines breakout trading

The order was triggered by robot after price was hit the trend line

Auto trend lines breakout trading

Trailing stop secured 10 pips from 17 and finally took the profit
signals instruments
Chart drawing buttons
signals instruments forex robot

How to start

  • Get your license
  • Download fxULTIMATE from cloud store
  • Copy downloaded files to your terminal MQL4 folder
  • Drag and drop the fxULTIMATE EA to a chart window
  • Enter your personal Trader's ID in the settings
  • Use built-in trade pad to open trades or add to the chart signals from indicators menu
  • Use strategies tester to practice your skills or test your trading ideas and strategies
  • If you need support use Feedback menu of the site
popup tooltip
Ask price hack

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  1. Hi. Can I mixing up bollinger bands trading with osma signals?
    I want to test BB d1 time frame with osma signal line h1

    • Hello, buddy.
      Yes you can, actually this is simple with this soft just set needed timeframes in signal modules.

      Keep in mind:
      1.BB should be filter

      2.Use osma signal lines crossover signals instead of filtering it will decrease your margin usage.

      3.Set BB shift 0 and osma shift 1

      4.Always use stop loss but with graphic sl algorithm and ask price hack – this will save your trades from spread jumps on the levels.

      5.Keep your SL small to gain more profits from d1 price impulses.


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