ProjectReaper fx PREDATOR

ProjectReaper EA fxPREDATOR ➡Basic module Includes a license to conduct the work in a particular trading account and the base of the robot assembly including: {-HUD module, notification by email,sms.} {-interctive module trading from chart} {-a set of basic autolot modules (autolot, martingale, martini).} {-a set of basic modules for order management (market_execution, maxtrades filter and tradesperbar filter, maxspread filter, for fans of the night session trading filter nightspread, takeprofit, stoploss, stealth mode, breakeven and classic trailing stop based on points, reverse signals and close orders on opposite signal).} {-time filter and tradefriday filter.} Your copy of the robot will be linked to a particular trading account number and one demo account for forward testing, but will be free to be tested in the strategy tester for the selection of your best options and determine the optimal size of the MM for your deposit. Expansion modules to extend the logic of the robot: ➡BASKET TRADING Module {The module works with baskets of orders, if active, when the signal at the input to the other modules, opens up a basket for currency instruments designated by the user in the settings module also features a reverse setting for cross pairs and suffix option.} Order management: ➡Trailing by PSAR Module {Trailing stop by Parabolic SAR. Multi timeframe/multicurrency} ➡Trailing by MA Module {Trailing stop by Moving Average line. Multi timeframe/multicurrency} ➡Basket Percent Module {The module close the all orders and delete pending orders(by magic number) at the profit or loss on the trade account, specified as a percentage by the user.} ➡PBM Module {The module close the all orders with magic number of robot, when the total profit on these orders specified by the user in the currency trading account} ➡RM Module {Risk Management module calculated the loss and the profit on the trading account, with magic number of robot activation of one of the four triggers (trading account balance has become more than the trigger level, the balance of the trading account is smaller trigger level, equity on trading account become more then the trigger level; equity is smaller then trigger level), trigger value specified in the currency trading account, triggers can be combined. For ease of understanding, the module can trigger conditionally designated as stop loss and take profit on the balance and equity. Example: close all orders if the balance will be more then $ 500 and limit losses if the equity fall below $ 450 When the trigger is activated, closing orders and the module is deactivated for the restart, open the properties of an expert in the terminal, and click OK} Signal modules for entry into the market: {Each module is a filter when you activate several modules, all must show the signal in the right direction for the validation signal} ➡TRENDLINES Module {TRENDLINES Module, open / close orders when the price crosses the trend line. The names of the lines are set free, six lines (open orders, stop-loss and take profit for long and short) If the price crosses the trendline, the trigger is activated and the line is removed from the chart. It can operate in manual mode and auto trade. For automated trading, set on the chart any indicator of trendlines, such as "TD Fractal connector" and the module list set the names of the trendlines in the settings of the robot, in the case of "TD Fractal connector" – buy "HL_1" sale "LL_1"} ➡HEDGE_TIME Module {The module opens opposite order at the trigger time, without considering other modules also present setting stop out (stop open orders for the loss by equity as a percentage of balance), this module is ideal for hedge strategies to bursts of volatility in the market, trade both sides} ➡MA CROSSING Module {Crossing moving averages module gives a signal when fastMA cross slowMA, there are settings as alines, and their timeframes, for example, the M15 and the H1 timeframes crossing} ➡CCI Module {CCI Module gives a signal when pair is overbought or oversold. The reverse option, the offset adjustment, levels zones, working timeframe} ➡RSI Module {RSI Module gives a signal when pair is overbought or oversold. The reverse option, the offset adjustment, levels zones, working timeframe} ➡CCI/RSI CROSSING Mode {The module processes the intersection of modules of CCI and RSI.} ➡Fast Heiken Ashi Module {The module gives a signal on value of the indicator Heiken Ashi (blue-bye, Red-Cell) Private option of closing open orders when the opposite signal. Reverse option, offset, working timeframe} ➡HEIKEN ASHI SMOOTHED Module {The average of the two module Heiken Ashi, gives a signal if the indicator is a fastHA higher/lower slowHA, or separate option only handle their crossing. The reverse option, the working timeframe} ➡STOCHASTIC Module {The module Stochastic oscillator gives a signal when pair in the overbought / oversold conditions, and have the option of crossing the signal line and the main indicator in the trigger, setting the zone level, reverse option, offset, working timeframe} ➡PARABOLIC SAR F Module {Parabolic Sar module gives a signal when the price is above / below the indicator. Reverse option, offset, working timeframe} ➡MA F Rising/Falling module {Moving average module gives a signal in two modes 1-at the rise or fall the MA 2-if the price is above or below the MA . Reverse option, offset, working timeframe.}

The version of Projectreaper Forex Robot Assistant was permanently closed.