Policy update 19.07.2020 Xentrader online


The new Xentrader Online policy will take effect from today.

The maximum cashback is expanded to 50%, and the process of getting a rank is changed, which makes the progress of increasing the user’s level faster.

The subscription price for using Xentrader Online adviser is set at $0.4 per day, which corresponds to $12 per month, regardless of the number of broker accounts attached to your profile, profit and trading operations accounts.

Removed restrictions and the cost of backtesting trading strategies, a monthly subscription gives you the opportunity to test your trading ideas unlimited.

Install the new version of the adviser with the replacement of previous files in your terminal, download from the link http://xentrader.online/Xentrader-Installation.exe

A new premium toolkit is being prepared for release, which will expand the opportunities and profitability of your trading, as well as customize the working environment and Xentrader Online framework to meet your requirements, single and team trading.


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