Welcome, our possible business partner!

First of all thank you for your interest in our project we really appreciate this.

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This is open opportunity to become our internet business partner and start to make money using internet marketing.

Our software made for experienced traders and we understand not everyone it is but everyone want to make passive income without hard work to any corporation with fixed salary. We are international dev project want to offer you that possibility by helping other traders to know about our products, which can help to those users to find needed solutions to their trading issues.

Details of the partnership program:

  1. You should have/open a PayPal verified account to receive our payments.
  2. Be familiar with forex trading world. Basic knowledge – what is it forex market, currency trading.
  3. Honest and clear with your audience it means if you don’t know how to answer a question just send that trader to our site and we answer all questions if needed.
  4. Blogging / Social Media Networks / Internet Marketing experience is your advantage to create nice income profit using our service.

How can you start:

    1. Fill partner’s registration form below.
    2. Read our blog site and learn about our project, ask questions to gain knowledge.
    3. Use your partner id to make partner links to our site.
    4. Route to our site interested traders using this links.
    5. Ones a person used this link he will mark up by our cookie file for 365 days and doesn’t matter when he will purchase our product sure you will recieve your payment.
    6. Every visit of the person used your link will update the mark up for next 365 days.
    7. Receive your income percentage from every purchasing made by person who linked to your Partner ID.
    8. Percentage of income depends on your clients amount:
Clients monthly % per subscription Minimum monthly income level Average monthly income level Maximum monthly income level
2..4 35% $80 $374 $1358
5..9 40% $230 $596 $3132
10.. 50% $575 $2437 up to $4850

Sky is the limit

Gain linked subscribers to our licenses and build your network of users, which bring you absolute passive income every month/week/day.

Your PartnerID for registration:

You can copy generated Partner ID or Write Down Your Paypal login before ‘@’ or nickname

Keep it safe we’ll double this info in our confirmation email.


Examples of partner links:

Simply you should add ?link= at the end of any links to our site


Also if you need detailed statistics about traffic sources and leads from your campains use additional parameter &source= to your partner links for example:
to save statistics about your leads from facebook and instagram campain use kind of links

So you always can check how many people followed your links, how many from them interested in trading with our software and which traffic source the most effective

If you have a question, you can use feedback form.

We looking forward to building long business relationships together!

Making more happy financially free people is the our mission! Join us!

See you!