Alright, guys. Let’s start some new stuff.

Today I officially releasing new v6.00 BETA of my project. All users with Trader’s ID can download it and test new features and new robot’s engine. Just download and unzip files to your terminals data directory

First off all this version only for demo account testing and running under strategies tester, you can use it on live but I suggest you to wait final v6.00 release and you should completely understand how it works now.

Ok, so changes in this project are fundamental

Since now


  1. signals instruments forex robot
    All signal instruments moved to separate indicators folder. In my plans all modules (trailing stops, risk management tools, grids, pyramids etc) will be moved outside from core engine of this robot to achieve more flexibility as possible.
  2. signals instruments
    Every signal instrument is the unit which can linked to one signal group and have multiple time frames settings in plans to add cross currencies functionality. You can mix up signals, time frames, indicator settings, and actually trade with 5 strategies same time in the portfolio from the one chart automatically or manually by the signals.
  3. Also every instrument is showing you in history data every signal by highlighted areas to help you analyze structure of this signals and the data totally depends on the settings of this instrument. Highlighted colors: Aqua – BUY, Red – SELL, Magenta – BUY-SELL.
  4. I already start migrating all the instruments from previous fxULTIMATE builds to the new form it will take some time, but I’m already very exited how it gives ability to develop whatever you want just in drag & drop configuration. I tested some strategies it’s just click-click process.
  5. Since now every signal module have visualization, I remember how some of you guys struggling to understand how to configure indicators modules in the body of the robot with just numbers so now it would be easy to understand what you doing in the parameters.
  6. strategies presets
    From previous version was migrated built-in presets system, yes I want to keep this feature it’s very handy. In my plans to fill up the built-in presets with more algorithms.
  7. In this version and future builds by default is enabled automated taking trades by support resistance zones and trend lines placed using on chart quick buttons, if you don’t want it just disable it in the settings.
  8. Don’t worry all risk management features, broker’s statistics and email reports with chart screenshots, spread control system, secured scalping hack are in the place.
  9. For bug reports, trading ideas, new instruments developing for the project and etc use the email you can find it in the settings of every instrument.


Maybe I forgot something in the list I will remember that in the next update.

Stay in tune and good day!


If you need help

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