News trading update


Today we have added a new signal module for XenTrader expert advisor.

The module is called XenTrader_News_Trading.

news forex signal trading

If you want to trade economic news events or avoid news volatility in your strategies this signal for you.

news forex signal trading settings

This signal consists of two separate parts Manual and Auto News Trading

In manual part you can specify economic events dates and time to trade with. This option can be used to backtest trading in historical data or trade news chosen by yourself for the next day, week, month..

The automated one is using economic calendar, you can set to trade automatically high impact news only, medium, low, speeches, filter the news with keywords, set pre news time.

NewsTimeframeTrigger will allows you to set duration of trading, for example if you want to trade first 15 minutes after news you should set the parameter to 15 minutes. in the case if you want to trade whole day when high impact news are you should set the parameter to 1 day.

Also you can set SkipTradingbyEvents to true to avoid trading by the signals – set NewsTimeframeTrigger to 1 day to avoid news days.

This signal should be mixed up with other signals to trade the news days with different trading strategies. For example, if you want to trade high impact news with breakout strategy you should use Donchian channel or Linear regression signals.

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