The new version Forex bot building process


Hedge orders Projectreaper EA

The new version of the forex bot ProjectReaper EA building process.

Testing the new feature for basket trading.. long time my robots was jentle and waiting by Sleep() Refreshrates() functions while the broker’s server allow to process the transactions to open/close orders. Now I’m working on Hedging Trade System and need more stable sure process of opening/closing orders.

On the pic the bot open 500 orders any pairs and closed they all less than 1 minute despite the offquotes errors. The little trick is add while() circle and checking errors of the transactions.

Free version of the robot was upgraded this functions already and available to download on the site.

Dear, tech guys from Alpari, while testing this algorithm my bot was overflowed trade context on your servers, I will not do it again. I wil be good. Sorry

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