So Why Modular Forex EA?


Why Modular Forex EA Instead Single Trading Strategy Forex Robot?

So that question I answering every day I decided write some thoughts about for you. 

OK the main difference between that two visions of automation is ability for using with custom trading algorithms not pre coded in the robot. So if you need to change some logic in standard EA,  you must find or order a custom version of the bot. That's cool for programmers cause this is extra money but for a trader this is a time you spend for waiting a customized versions. Not always a trading algorithm is correct so after a backtesting process usually you can find a mistake or want add extra filters and the customization bot circle is repeating over and over again.

My robot designed especially for a trader – for myself at first. I don't want tweaking code and making tonns of robots each time I want change a little bit a trading algorithm for testing my trading systems I prefer tweaking a settings not a code. Time for me is priceless currency that's why deep adjustable robots is my choice.

The next one is all in one concept – so my robots working with my scalping, breakouts and trend following trading strategies. I want to use all my risk management tools, custom mixed signals,  profit boosters and many algorithms I built with each trading strategies. Not only, also I like my trade panel and many things and hacks. This robot can automate most trading strategies and most trading robots logic without coding. One robot – different settings = different strategies automation.

Also I like to open some trades manually or placing triggers to a chart from trade panel my robot that's a very handy instead standard interface metatrader4 platform, that's giving me filling a market – vision of pairs moves.

The last thing for today I want to say everything is changing in this world. I'm growing as a trader, changing my mindset and skills and my platform adjusting for my needs today. That's cool feature is not existing no-one Expert Advisor I tested before.

Not existing a perfect money machine bot at all, the main point is fitting the current tool for your needs or not? Ask yourself and you will understand what you need. I am already have the answer.


So good luck and nice profits for all you guys!

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