Metatrader vs fxULTIMATE take profit comparison


Ok we have already 5.85 version and I want to compare built-in metatrader take profits tools and Projectreaper fxULTIMATE

When I trade with Metatrader I can use built-in take profits tools but all of them is manual. So I need to set take profit price level for each order. Why developers chooded the concept instead pips value from open order price in the interface I still can't understand it's simple to code and very handy.

Also if I want to activate trailing stop I need right click on an order and choose that option no default trailing stop settings or any pre configered take level at all. 

I can only manually set TP / Trailing or close one order per action

  1. Take Profit in Pips
  2. Classic Trailing Stop in Pips
  3. Closing / Partial closing in Pips

When I using fxUltimate I have extended tools for taking my money from market :

Manual and automated instruments some of them can work both ways here we go 


  1. Take Profit in Pips
  2. Classic Trailing Stop in Pips
  3. Trade Panel close all orders / close longs / close shorts Buttons
  4. Closing By Opposite Signal


  1. Take Profit in Pips
  2. Take Profit based on ATR 
  3. Stealth Take Profit in Pips
  4. Stealth Take Profit based on ATR
  5. Breakeven in Pips
  6. Partial closing in Pips
  7. Classic Trailing Stop in Pips
  8. Global Virtual Trailing Stop (1-each order 2-orders summ profit 3-global account profit 4-summ BUY/SELL separate)
  9. PSAR Trailing Stop in Pips
  10. Fractals Trailing Stop in Pips
  11. Candles High / Low Trailing Stop in Pips
  12. Moving Average Trailing Stop in Pips
  13. Price Channel Trailing Stop in Pips
  14. Basket Percent Take Profit in $
  15. Daily Target in $
  16. Absolute Profit(Historical) in $
  17. Take Profit by magic number(straight / buy-sell separate) in $
  18. Take Profit by magic per order in $
  19. Risk Management Equity Take Profit in $
  20. Profit SAFE step trailing in $
  21. Graphic trailing stop by balance / equity chart in $
  22. Closing By Opposite Signal 
  23. Trend line take profit triggers in Pips
  24. Time based orders closing (straight / only in profits)

Yep we have to choose some ways for it.

For a single trading strategy I personally usually set Take Profit in xATR value, sometimes breakeven or partial close target in pips, trailing stop and couple tools for making complex targets in currency of my tading account.

It means a take profit is take profit anyways but if I have to choose from lot of tools manual or automated it's cool. And I planned to add some new instruments to the list because I can and I want to bring some freedom to use any ideas for making my trading process more safety and profitable.

I made the comparison pic here


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