MACD MTF Smoothed Alert indicator



New MACD smoothed multiple timeframe indicator with alerts.

Giving a signals when MACD crossover zero level or signal line and drawing arrows on main chart window.

I added additional dash line for easy spotting hidden divergence.


This particular indicator allow you to smooth original MACD calculations to reduce unwanted signals.

Supported Features :

Projectreaper ConnectUSER GUIDE
Projectreaer Trend OS FiltersUSER GUIDE

Settings :

TimeFrame – timeframe of MACD (current by default)
FastEMA – fast moving average of MACD
SlowEMA – slow moving average of MACD
SignalSMA – signal moving average of MACD
IndicatorSmooth – amount of smooth (1-off)
IndicatorSmoothMethod – smooth formula
DrawBars – amount of bars to draw indicator data

MACDzeroLineCrossAlert – zero line crossover signals
MACDSignallineCrossAlert – MACD and signal line crossover signals
MACDUpSignals – allow buy signals
MACDDownSignals – allow sell signals
PopupAlert – enable terminal alert windows
SoundAlert – enable sound alerts
ArrowsOnChart – enable draw arrows on price chart
IndicatorArrows – enable draw arrows on indicator sub window
SMSPushAlert – Push alerts to your phone
EmailAlert – Email alerts to your phone

Buy_ArrowColor – color of buy arrows
Sell_ArrowColor – color of sell arrows
Arrows_Width – width of signal arrows
Hist_Positive_Increasing – color of increasing histogram above zero level
Hist_Positive_Decreasing – color of decreasing histogram above zero level
Hist_Negative_Increasing – color of increasing histogram below zero level
Hist_Negative_Decreasing – color of decreasing histogram below zero level
MACD_Line – color of macd line
SIGNAL_Line – color of signal line


New version with multiple timeframe usage

11.10.2019 Added historical arrows
15.06.2021 Added smooth and style parameters

macd multiple timeframe

Multiple timeframes

Smoothed calculations


How to install :

1. Download file
2. Unzip archive and copy the MQL4 folder from the archive to your terminal Data folder
3. Restart terminal and apply the indicator to a chart
4. Register a valid email with single time donation or log in with previously registered email address.
5. You can switch your broker account any time you need by logging in with previously registered email address

How to find Data folder :

in the terminal click File menu – Open Data Folder

Good trading!

If you need help

Write down comment or use the feedback button


    • Hi, MACD is based on two MAs, it uses an average formula. If you can describe what you mean by zero lagging, I will be able to answer your question.

  1. Hi MQLDev.
    Do you have a MTF MACD indicator that gives alarm when the 2 TFs are both going up, or going down?
    Or does this indicator gives that alarm?
    Thank you

  2. hello MQLDev,
    i must say you have done a fantastic work with this MACD thanks
    But after installing it and i turn all signal to true in the settings the alarts still do not come on
    Please what am i missing

    • This version of the indicator will alert you only on new signals so you need to wait the signal will appear. To enable the signals you need to enable zero line or signal line alerts and any type of the notifications ( arrows, popup, email, sms etc)

  3. I send you a feedback earlier but i think i write it out here so others that meet with the same problem can refer here. I try adding the indicator everything is fine. However if i am using a H4 chart i am not able to see the H4 and below MACD readings on the H4 charts but only charts that is higher than H4. Can you help on this thank you

    • Yes, thank you for the feedback, maybe someone is faced the same misunderstanding of the indicator behavior.
      I will double my response to you here – This is normal condition, we limited the functionality because to redraw lower timeframes takes too many cpu resources it causes of freezing terminal and charts each new bar from lower timeframe.

  4. Thank you so much, this is really a great indi… And for giving it out free. May you have great success in all your trading. You are paying it forward Sir.

    • Thanks, buddy. The MACD is really nice tool, actually you can trade with it oscillator like or price breakouts of any MA just set fast MA parameter to 1 it would mean current price for example if you want to keep your eyes on 200 ma set fast MA to 1 and slow MA to 200 it represent price break at 200 MA on your chart with alerts. If you’ll set heavier fast MA to 5 or 10 for example it will give you noise reduced signals.

  5. Hello sir,
    U r awesome… Thanks for Ur valuable indicators. I have some doubt.. Does your all indicator repaints or not? And your indicator is free for life long.. Or is there any expiry date of your indicators?.. Please reply me sir

    • Hi,
      It repaints only on current bar like all indicators till it will close, previous bar and others not repaints. Pay attention – if you using higher timeframe in the setting, higher timeframe’s current bar equals higher timeframe / current timeframe
      for example : if you’ve set H4 timeframe parameter and the indicator applied to H1 timeframe, the H4 first bar is 4 bars on H1.

      All indicators are totally free without any limits for account number or expiration date.

    • I like more h1 but you should use trading method which fit perfectly for you only we are different. Just follow one rule – your take profit should be more than your stop-loss.

      Read about MACD trading signals more like zero cross, signal line cross, cup signals, divergence etc. MACD it’s nice indi for any trading process.

    • This is standard MACD trading algorithm if you don’t know how to use the indicator read about more. You can find tonns of MACD strategies including the signals, trend filtering and divergence trading.


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