How to roll back Metatrader 4 from build 1420 to 1415


Many traders faced a problem after the latest automatic update of the Metatrader 4 terminal to build 1420 on 23.05.24. Some of the old indicators and Expert Advisors stopped working, and users also faced terminal freezes.

Since users often send me their indicators to automate trading on them, the first launch after the update took me more than an hour.

If your terminal freezes at startup, just like mine, it means that you have opened indicators that are no longer supported. To start the terminal normally, open its directory, open the profiles folder – it stores profiles of opened charts and indicators added to them. In most cases, you need the default folder (default profile), delete all files from this folder and launch the terminal, it should start without problems.

If you don’t have the source files of your favorite indicators and Expert Advisors that no longer work, you can roll back mt4 to the previous build.

To roll back the terminal build to the previous one, download the archive MT4 build and replace the two files metaeditor.exe and terminal.exe in the terminal directory. To disable automatic updates, create a shortcut to terminal.exe and add the /skipupdate command to the file path.

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  1. Good morning,

    Unfortunately, we cannot anymore use others version than Build 1420.

    So how can we fix issues now to be able to reuse our EAs with build 1420?


    David Heder

    • Hi, try to find updated eas or compile your ea for the new build. Sooner or later, brokers will start demanding new terminal builds to connect to their trading servers. This is security update, I believe, that means no decompiled indicators and eas anymore.


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