How to hide an EA from your broker


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I’ve recieved the question from our user so I want to make How to article here.

So if you want to hide an EA presence in your terminal from your broker you should:

1. At first download latest version Projectreaper fxUltimate trade manager from your Trader’s cloud drive link. In the latest version I’ve made editable orders comment option.

expert advisor comment settings

Leave it blank or use any custom comment string in the case if you using partial closing feaure it’s very important for this partial algorithm.

2.  Second one you must to set magic option to zero this is default value of this parameter for manually opened orders in metatrader terminals. More info about magic numbers here

3. Use official Metaquotes  mt4 build downloaded from official site NOT FROM YOUR BROKER’S PAGE. Since last year this version unable to download but you can use this build from alpari broker by the Link

Soon I’ll add my portable version made fom latest official mt4 build this is the guarantee what your broker didn’t injected any additional code to your terminal.(link)

4. When an order is opened with the help of an expert Advisor or a trading panel(except for the standard panel for one-click trading), the order is assigned the open flag with the help of an expert Advisor, the standard programming language of the terminal does not circumvent it, but if there is a goal to completely hide the presence of the expert Advisor in statistics (for example, to participate in a tournament of traders) by means of the Win API, you can programmatically click on the buttons of the standard trading panel in the chart window, if you, as usual. If you do not want to understand the windows libraries, there is another solution – to use the expert advisor signals sent to the mail for example, to open trades by your hands.

An additional words:

If you want to be sure you broker didn’t trick with your trades take a look to this topics  No1  No2  No3


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