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Hi, my friend!

This is my new multiple time frames dashboard indicator that alerts your about gaps on all pairs in your terminal.

A gap – is the distance in pips between close price of previous candle and open price of current candle.

Classic gap strategy is trading against gap direction on daily time frame, in most cases gap should be closed. The bigger gap size the stronger the signal to trade.

gap alert indicator

The dashboard indicates all pairs with a gap happened.

You can press the pair label to switch your current pair of your chart to the pair of the signal so you can quickly check the trade setups.

Color of the pair labels indicates trade signal(opposite of a gap direction):
Aqua – Buy signal
Red – Sell signal

You can point your mouse cursor to read tooltip text with additional information about direction and pip size of the gap.

gap alert indicator popup


gap alert indicator settings

TimeFrame – time frame to check gaps (by default set to daily)
Pips_Threshold – threshold in pips to filter small gaps below the pip value
Sound_Alerts – plays sound on alert
Alert_PopupWindows – show popup alert window with additional information about the alert
Push_Alerts – sends push sms to your smartphone
Mail_Alerts – sends email to your email with information about gap alert
you can set time filter for the alerts so the alert will be send at this time
Alert_Hour – hour alert
Alert_Minute – minute alert
to disable time filter just set it to 0 0

in addition you can customize the dashboard in the settings to change font, place and size of the dashboard

All gap hunters, this indicator will give you the easiest way to hunt gap pips on a one chart.



How to install :

1. Download file
2. Unzip archive and copy the MQL4 folder from the archive to your terminal Data folder
3. Restart terminal and apply the indicator to a chart
4. Register a valid email with single time donation or log in with previously registered email address.
5. You can switch your broker account any time you need by logging in with previously registered email address

How to find Data folder :

in the terminal click File menu – Open Data Folder

Good trading!

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