fxUltimate v5.86.8 Update OSMA, StopLoss reverse..


fxUltimate v5.86.8 update

New OSMA signal module

Special for auto trading by OSMA oscillator

You can find this module in oscillators modules area of fxULTIMATE settings.

osma auto trading

Also in Automation area you can find new reversetradeatSL option

reverse trade at stop loss

When set to true will open reverse trade if your order will close at stop loss in the case if you using stealth stop losses.

New DenySignalModulesByFloatingTrades option will block signal modules to open a trade until all orders will close.


Also in TP SL settings area you can find two new parameters

MinSL and MaxSL to set maximal and minimal stop loss amount in pips. This is additional risk management to your trading automation.

min max sl

Update for Regression signal module

classic regression breakouts

You set cr_filter value and choose the value method [value can be equal -minutes -hours -dayofweek -dayofmonth -dayofyear]

in the period the module will draw linear regression channel in cr_bars period by trendlines in the case if you’ll set trendlines autotrading it will trade the channel breakouts.


As always this new build already available to download in your pesonal cloud drive link in latest version folder.

Happy trading and be awesome guys!

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