fxUltimate Cumulative Engine Update v5.8.3


fxUltimate Cumulative Engine Update v5.8.3

Hi everyone!
This is not usual change log cause I decided to built one big update.

So let's talk about.

Change log v5.8.0

1. New Absolute Profit module.
This tool scanning profit by history of your trading account. Working with percentage of a balance and current equity.
module do a balance print each time if your balance more than previous print value on specified persentage value and closed all orders.

2. I added GMT offset and changed logic of spread control system to asian and non asian sessions.
Special for you guys who living in non Europe area. Also I added timer counting remaining time for each trading session on HUD.

3. I added to Spread control system HUD monitor wich saving live spreads statistics and saving to max min and average value.
Many brokers are cheaters. You can see it now.

4. I added signal system parameter called xATR_Between_trades. As you see the option allow open an order only if current price
is different from last open order price on ATR multiplied by X value. 1, 0.5, 2.. etc.

6. Added new parameter to Stochastic oscillator signal module called Alternate_Stochastic.
This algorithm turnin classic stochastic signal strategy to a breakouts system. Signals coming 
from breakouts stoch levels (two specified and zero level). Cool works with scalping and additions by trend direction.

7. I fixed round levels hud indication for xauusd pair.

8. Added New MA_Extremum_Catcher signal module.
Give a signal when specified moving average live breaking direction.
Can give straight signal or place a horizontal trend lines for paired work with trend line signal module.


Change log v5.8.1

1. I made new function for closing orders system. Now if broker's server heavily sending to us requotes
the system not release this signal until an order open correctly. Pefectly for hedging and total game changing function.
Also the function working with spread control system and don't close your orders when broker rising spreads to non market level.
It means no stop losses on cheating brokers servers, so if spread rising hight robot see that and after spreads will returns to a normal values
your orders still open and robot will continue normal trading. Perfect with stealth take and stop options.

2. Added Balance_Equity reports engine parameter. You can enter amount of hours between the reports.
Each X hours the robot will sending you reports to your email or smartphone about current balance and equity values.

Change log v5.8.2

1. I added virtual profit parameter which working with all trailing stop modules.
What it does:
trailing stop modules now can working only if profits by each order more than 0 or total profits on account more than 0.
It prevent early trailing exits. 

2. Redesigned ForexKillerPro money management module.
Added new parameter – Target. Now module can do calculation in both directions
for take profit and stop loss levels.

Change log v5.8.3

1.I added new partial closing algorithm.
You can set your trading logic to partial closing your orders after some profit level.
It working with order's stop loss level or specified value in pips.
It's MUCH safier than moving stop loss to Breakeven level.

And one brend new module I'll explain later with another post.

Happy trading for ALL!

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