Forex spread control system

Hi! it's me again.

In the 5.84 version of the expert advisor engine I added new risk management feature for insurance your orders will open and close only with market spread values.

It's called spread control system and the system replaced old max spreads parameters.

This system is full automated so you only can turn it on or off.

You can find the parameter in fxUltimate robot settings Order Management area here:

forex spread control system ea settings

How it works? 

This spread control system will scan and collect all your broker's spreads data and controlling opening and closing an order available spread value.

So if the robot will decide to open a market order this system will control the process for entering in the position with lesser spread cost for you. The same for closing your profits.

Also if you will hit a buy or sell button the system will control it the same way.

For example in eurusd pairs you can open an order with 17- 23 points spread value or with 6 point just in a next tick.

Also if you closing several short orders let's say 5 this system will increase your profits from 5×20=100 points to 5×6=30 points spread pay. If you trade pairs with high spread values this profits will be more. For guys who manage Pamm accounts your profits will be very sensitive with big volumes.

Also in any time you can check spreads statistics of your broker and current pair. You need to link spread reports parameter to any trade panel programmable button like this:

forex spread control system settingsand just press the button on a chart panel for pop-up window with the report statistics.

forex spread statistics report

You will be surprised I think cause we are all thinking spreads of our brokers tighter like they offering to us but welcome to a real.

This system made mainly for secure deposit  balance from spreads manipulations of your broker but this is cool feature for taking your profits and don't pay extra money to your broker. 

Peace to all! 

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  • Can I ask you something? I need automate my trading strategy.

  • Buy orders protected when it open and closing for sell. Am I right?

    • Yep. You are right.  But if you have both orders sell and buy and you want to close all this positions at once, this system will close it only when spreads return to normal values for sure take profit by both directions without loosing.

      This is made for hedging, pyramiding, grid and ForexKiller, forexsniper strategies.

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Donation for supporting free version of the trade manager and indicators

Last donators:
31. Haruto T. $15
30. Helen L. $45
29. Peter H. $180

Thank you guys!