Forex robot signals to alerts trading system


Hello guys!

Today I made new feature for semi-automatic trading.

It’s called Signals2Alerts Converter Module in the robot settings you can find this parameters here:

How it’s working?

The module converting Buy/Sell commands of the robot with your own trading strategy to alerts without openning any orders and sending you notifications to smartphone, mail with screenshot and info about account number, Buy and Sell signal, price of the alert and screenshot of a chart.
projectreaper-alert-signalAlso you can turn on drawArrows parameter for on chart drawing signals like this:

So how to use it?

I think you are aleady understand advanteges of the trading concept. You just configuring your own custom trading strategy and recieving alerts to your smartphone or any device with email client and you need just to check screenshot with possible entry setup.
If the signal is valid for your trader’s eye just open a therminal and push a button on built-in trade panel of the robot to trade and the robot will care about the order by your money management and risk management algorithm and order management tools.

In future updates in this module will be added new candlesticks patters recognizing system and many new tools which I developing now.
Stay in tune and happy money making to ALL!

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