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Forex Robot Projectreaper fxUltimate Settings




Overview all the list of settings parameters Forex Robot Assistant fxUltimate v5.8.3

use CTRL+F for searching needed parameter descriptions


LicenseNum – Your Personal License Number

AllowLong – Allow bot to open Long oders

AllowShort – Allow bot to open Short oders

HUD_ON – Onchart HUD Switcher

draw_pivots – Draw on chart Fibonacci pivots

draw_lvls – draw bank levels prices

draw_lvl_lines – draw bank levels lines

lvls_timeframe – bank levels timeframe list

lvls_bar_shift – bank levels offset (0 – current bar)

draw_Key_levels – Onchart key (round) price levels

interactive – Enable onchart trade panel

buttons_lower_corner – trade panel move to low left corner

SPF#ButtonName – List of robot functions allowed to link the Specified Trade panel Button

Template#_Name – If you linked option “LoadTemplate#” to any trade panel button you can load the template by clicking the button from onchart panel with specified template name

emailAlert – Enable mailing notification

smsAlert – Enable push notification

Balance_Equity_Report_per_X_Hours – reports about balance and equity each x hours

mailDrawDown_percent – robot mail you if DrawDown on your account cross down the value

FiveDigitsX10 – If robot applied to 5 digits account values of robot setting in pips will multiplied by 10

Magic – Robot identificator Magic number


Money Management


Lot – Global lot size value

Autolot – autocalculation of lot size

Risk – percentage of risk value for autolot option

Lotdigits – decimal lot digits normalization

Multiplier – value for multiplier for martingale and martini options

Martingale – martingale gambling increasing lot size logic

Martini – increasing lot size buy number of open orders multiplied by Multiplier value

ForexkillerPro_lot_algorythm – logic calculating of profit based on global profit or summ profit by magic number

FKP_take_in_Pips – decreasing of calculation ForexKillerPro algorithm with take profit value

FKP_stop_in_Pips – decreasing of calculation ForexKillerPro algorithm with stop loss value

KP_pipcost – cost 0.01 lot size in 100 points

FKP_decreaseFactor – decreasing result ForexKillerPro calculation by factor value multiplying (1.0 – standard value)


Orders Management


Market_Execution – Enable market take profit n stop loss orders pending applying

OnTimerProcessing – Enable ontimer processing logic

Minlot –min lot size value

Maxlot – max lot size value

Maxtrades – max value of open orders

Tradesperbar – max value of open orders per bar

Global_Stopout_Percent – If cross down the specified drawdown percent value robot will unable to open new orders

Slippage – allowed difference in pips between current price and broker’s  server order  open price value

ForceKicksToServer – number of kicks allowed for the robot to try open or close an order

ServerKicksDelay – Delay in milliseconds between the kicks

Maxspread – max spread value for open orders by the robot

Asianspread – max night spread value

GMToffset – GMT offset of broker’s server

Stop loss – value of predefined stop loss in pips

Take Profit – value of predefined take profit in pips

xATR_SL – multiplier of stop loss by ATR

xATR_timeframe – ATR time frame

xATR_TP – multiplier of take profit by ATR

stealthstop – Enable stealth stop loss

stealthtarget – Enable stealth take profit

stealthstopLocking – Enable Auto locking algorithm by stop loss value

stealthtargetLocking –  Enable Auto locking algorithm by take profit value

partialclose –  Enable closing half of an orders at distance from open order price

xSL_partial_target –  Distance by stop loss of an order multiplied by X

standalone_parial_target –  Specified distance in pips


Expansion___[ ForexBULLDOZER Module ]

backgearBULLDOZER – enable lower price trigger for open grid orders from last open order price

backtargetPIPS – distance in pips for backgear trigger

xATR_Back – ATR backgear trigger calculation

reverse_bg – reverse type of order (Long/Short)

forwardgearBULLDOZER – enable higher price trigger for open grid orders from last open order price

forwardargetPIPS – distance in pips for forwardgear trigger

xATR_Ahead – ATR forwardgear trigger calculation

reverse_fg – reverse type of order (Long/Short)

xATR_BULL_timeframe – ATR BULLDOZER timeframe

ignoreOrdersCounter – ignore maxtrades and tradesperbar options


trailingstart – start trailing from order open price

trailingstop – value of trailing stop in pips

trailingstep – step of trailing in pips

breakevenstart –Enable breakeven in pips

breakeven – breakeven value


Virtual_Profit_Trailing_Stop – trailing modules working only in profit 1-by each order profit 2-global profit on account by last opened order.

Expansion___[ Trailing by PSAR Module ]

TrailbyPSAR – Enable trailing stop by PSAR

TbPSARTimeFrame – list of PSAR timeframes

TbPSARStep – PSAR step value

TbPSARMaximum – PSAR maximum value


Expansion____[ Trailing by Fractals Module ]

TrailbyFractals – Enable trailing stop by Fractals

TbFractalsTimeFrame –Fractals Timeframe

TbFractalsBuffer – distance between fractal price and trigger


Expansion___[ Trailing by Candles  Module ]

TrailbyCandles – Enable trailing stop by candles

TbTimeframe – Candles timeframe

TrailbyCandlesBack – Candles offset


Expansion___[ Trailing by MA ]

TrailbyMA – Enable trailing stop by Moving Average line

TbMATimeFrame – MA timeframe

TbMAPeriod – MA period

TbMAMethod – MA Method

TbMAPrice – MA price type

TbMA_Indicator_Shift – MA value offset

TbMA_Bar_Shift – Curent chart bar offset


Expansion___[ Basket Percent Module ]

Basketpercent – Enable target in $ by account

Profit – percentage of account profit

Loss –percentage of account loss


Expansion___[ Absolute Profit Module ]

absolute_profit – Enable historical profits closing by percentage from last balance print

absolute_profit_percent – percentage trigger by initial balance value


Expansion___[ PBM Module ]

profitByMagic – Enable target in summ of $ by magic number

separateLongShort – Isolation Long and Short profits

profitbm – target in $


Expansion___[ PLBMPO Module ]

profitByMagicPerOrder – Enable target profit by magic number per order

profitbmpo – target profit in $

lossByMagicPerOrder – Enable target loss by magic number per order

lossbmpo – target loss in $


Expansion___[ RM Module]

RiskManagement – Enable risk management triggers system

OnBalanceTake – Balance take profit in $

OnEquityTake – Equity take profit in $

OnBalanceStop – Balance stop loss in $

OnEquityStop – Equity stop loss in $


Expansion___[ PROFIT SAFE Module ]

ProfitSafe – Enable Profit Safe System (0 –off / 1-Equity mode / 2-Magic mode)

TSBE_step – Increasing step modificator in $ for each Box

TSBE_increasing_percent – increasing percentage of profit modificator for each Box

Box#_TSBE_Profit – Higher trigger for next box activation

Box#_TSBE_Stop – Close orders trigger with Stop profit value


Expansion___[ BVEQuity ]

BVEQuity – Enable graphic take profit / stop loss by any equity chart

BVETLineTakeName – Name of trend line take profit trigger

BVETLineStopName – Name of trend line stop loss trigger


Entry Logics


Reversesignals – global reverse Long / Short

Oppositeclose – close Longs by Short signal and vice versa

Long_short_swing – After long signal available only short and vice versa

Close_price_calculation – Global modificator for signals only by closed price previous bar trend follovers and Renko bar traders be like!

xATR_between_orders – Open orders only when price move out fom last open order’s price on pips calculated by ATR multiplied by X


Expansion___[ Signals2Levels Converter Module]

useS2LConverter – signals converter system turning a signals to horizontal trend lines price levels

S2Lreverse – reverse signals

S2L_BuySell_Splitter – placing buy and sell lines same time

S2L_xATR_buffer – distance from current bid price calculated by ATR multiplied by X




Expansion___[ TRENDLINES Module ]

Usetrendlines – Enable trend line triggers

Tl_filter_mode – Use trend lines triggers only for validation other signals

TL_Standalone_signals – Isolation trend lines triggers from other signal modules

TL_use_only_TP_SL_lines – use only closing orders trend lines triggers

BtrendlineColor – Choose Long trend line trigger color

StrendlineColor – Choose Short trend line trigger color

BTakeTLcolor – Choose longs take profit trend line trigger color

STakeTLcolor – Choose shorts profit trend line trigger color

BStopTLcolor – Choose longs stop loss trend line trigger color

SStopTLcolor – Choose shorts stop loss trend line trigger color

trendlineBufferinPips – distance from trend lines triggers in pips


Expansion___[ MA Extremum Catcher Module ]

useEX_CAT_signals – Enable signals on MA changing direction points

useEX_CAT_TLines_Cutter – turning a signal to a horizontal price trend line levels

EX_CAT_reverse – reverse of signals

EX_CAT_TimeFrame – working time frame

EX_CAT_period – period of Moving average line

EX_CAT_Method – MA method parameter

EX_CAT_Price – MA price parameter

EX_CAT_count_Bars – bars calculation


Expansion___[ Regression line Module ]

useRegr – Enable regression line filter

useRegr_Channel – Use channel logic

Regr_Reverse – reverse signals

Regr_TimeFrame – choose Regression timeframe

Regr_dergree – Regression line degree

Regr_kstd – k argument

Regr_bars – working bars calculation

Regr_shift – regression offest


Expansion___[ Twin Price Channel Module ]

Usepricechannel – Enable Price channel filter

PC_reverse – Price channel reverse signals

PC_timeframe – Price Channel timeframe

PC_perion – Price channel period

PC_shift – Price Channel offset

PC_channel_breakouts – enable Price Channel breakouts logic

Pc_first_breakout_signal_only – allow only first price channel breakout signal in one direction

twinPC_reverse – breakout  Price channel reverse signals

twinPC_timeframe – breakout  Price Channel timeframe

twinPC_perion – breakout  Price channel period

twinPC_shift – breakout  Price Channel offset


Expansion___[ Twin ZigZag Module ]

usezigzagTrendFilter – Enable zigzag filter

zz_reverse – ZZ revers signals

zz_TimeFrame – ZZ timeframe

zz_Depth – ZZ Depth parameter

zz_deviation – ZZ Deviation parameter

zz_backstep – ZZ backstep parameter

zz_maxbarscounting – ZZ max bars calculation

zigzagswing – Enable zigzag swing trigger

swingzz_reverse – swing ZZ revers signals

swingzz_TimeFrame – swing ZZ timeframe

swingzz_Depth – swing ZZ Depth parameter

swingzz_deviation – swing ZZ Deviation parameter

swingzz_backstep – swing ZZ backstep parameter

swingzz_maxbarscounting – swing ZZ max bars calculation


Expansion___[ MA CROSSING Module ]

Usemacross – Enable Moving Average crossover triggers

MA_CR_Reverse – Moving Average crossover triggers reverse signals

FMAcrossTimeFrame – Fast MA timeframe

FMAcrossPeriod – Fast MA period

FMAcrossMethod – Fast MA method

FMAcrossPrice – Fast MA price type

FMA_shift- Fast MA offset

SMAcrossTimeFrame – Slow MA timeframe

SMAcrossPeriod – Slow MA period

SMAcrossMethod – Slow MA method

SMAcrossPrice – Slow MA price type

SMA_shift- Slow MA offset

MA_CR_Shift – Current chart module offset


Expansion___[ Fast Heiken Ashi Module ]

exitOnFastHA – close Longs on Short fast ha signal and vice versa

usefastha – Enable Fast Heiken Ashi trigger

F_HA_Reverse – Fast Heiken Ashi reverse signals

F_HA_TimeFrame – Fast Heiken Ashi timeframe

FastMaPeriod – Fast Heiken Ashi period

FastMaMetod – Fast Heiken Ashimethod

FastStep – Fast Heiken Ashi step parameter

FastBetterFormula – use Fast Heiken Ashi better formula

Fast_HA_Shift – Fast Heiken Ashi offset


Expansion___[ HEIKEN ASHI SMOOTHED Module ]

Useheikenashi – Enable  Heiken Ashi Smoothed trigger

HA_cross – use only long / short Heiken Ashi Smoothed  swing trigger

HA_SM_Reverse – Heiken Ashi Smoothed reverse signals

HA_SM_TimeFrame – Heiken Ashi Smoothed timeframe

MaPeriod – Fast Heiken Ashi Smoothed period

MaMetod – Fast Heiken Ashi Smoothed method

MaPeriod2 – Slow Heiken Ashi Smoothed period

MaMetod2 – Slow Heiken Ashi Smoothed method

HA_SM_Shift – Heiken Ashi Smoothed offset


Expansion___[ HEIKEN ASHI SMOOTHED F Up/Down Module]

Usehafilter – Enable Heiken Ashi filter Up/down filter

HA_SM_MTF_Reverse – Heiken Ashi filter reverse signals

HATimeFrame  – Heiken Ashi Filter timeframe

MaPeriod3 – Fast Heiken Ashi Smoothed Filter period

MaMetod3 – Fast Heiken Ashi Smoothed Filter method

MaPeriod4 – Slow Heiken Ashi Smoothed Filter period

MaMetod4 – Slow Heiken Ashi Smoothed Filter method

HA_SM_MTF_Shift – Heiken Ashi Smoothed Filter offset


Expansion___[ PARABOLIC SAR F Module ]

Usepsar – Enable PSAR filter

PSAR_Reverse – PSAR filter reverse signals

SARTimeFrame – PSAR filter timeframe

Step – PSAR filter step parameter

Maximum – PSAR filter parameter

PSAR_MTF_Shift – PSAR filter offset


Expansion___[ Twin MA F Rising/Falling Module ]

Usema – Enable Moving Average Filter

price_trigger – Moving Average Filter price above/below trigger

MA_MTF_Reverse – Moving Average Filter reverse signals

MATimeFrame – Moving Average Filter timeframe

MAPeriod – Moving Average Filterperiod

MAMethod – Moving Average Filter Method

MAPrice – Moving Average Filter Price Type

MAFShift – Moving Average Filter offset

Usetwinma – Enable Twin Moving Average Filter

Twin_price_trigger – Twin Moving Average Filter price above/below trigger

Twin_MA_MTF_Reverse – Twin Moving Average Filter reverse signals

Twin_MATimeFrame – Twin Moving Average Filter timeframe

Twin_MAPeriod – Twin Moving Average Filterperiod

Twin_MAMethod – Twin Moving Average Filter Method

Twin_MAPrice – Twin Moving Average Filter Price Type

Twin_MAFShift – Twin Moving Average Filter offset

MA_Shift – Current chart Moving Average Filter offset


Expansion___[ BASKET MTMC Direction Filter ]

Usebasketfilter – Enable Basket MTMC Filter

B#MA_Reverse – # Box Basket MTMC Filter reverse signals

B#pair – # Box Basket MTMC Filter Pair name (0 – current symbol)

B#MATimeFrame – # Box Basket MTMC Filter timeframe

B#MAPeriod – # Box Basket MTMC Filter period

B#MAMethod – # Box Basket MTMC Filter Method

B#MAPrice – # Box Basket MTMC Filter price type

B#MA_Shift – # Box Basket MTMC Filter offset

B#MA_CountBars – # Box Basket MTMC Filter bars calculation




Expansion___[ Twin_CCI Module ]

Usecci – Enable CCI trigger

CCI_Reverse – CCI reverse signals

CCI_TimeFrame – CCI timeframe

CCIPeriod – CCI Period

CCI_OB_Level – CCI overbought level

CCI_OS_Level – CCI oversold level

Usetwincci – Enable Twin CCI trigger

twinCCI_Reverse – Twin CCI reverse

twinCCI_TimeFrame – Twin CCI timeframe

twinCCIPeriod – Twin CCI period

twinCCI_OB_Level – Twin CCI overbought level

twinCCI_OS_Level – Twin CCI oversold level

CCI_Shift – CCI offset


Expansion___[ RSI Module ]

Usersi – Enable RSI trigger

RSI_Reverse – RSI reverse signals

RSI_TimeFrame – RSI timeframe

RSIPeriod – RSI period

RSI_OB_Level – RSI overbought level

RSI_OS_Level – RSI oversold level

RSI_Shift – RSI offset


Expansion___[ CCI/RSI CROSSING Mode ]

useCCI_RSI_cross – Enable CCI / RSI crossing trigger


Expansion___[ Accelerator Oscillator Module ]

useAC – Enable Accelerator Oscillator trigger

AC_FilterMode – Accelerator Oscillator filter

AC_reverssignal – Accelerator Oscillator reverse signals

AC_TimeFrame – Accelerator Oscillator timeframe

AC_shift – Accelerator Oscillator offset


Expansion___[ Awesome Oscillator Module ]

useAO – Enable Awesome Oscillator trigger

AO_FilterMode – Awesome Oscillator filter

AO_reverssignal – Awesome Oscillator reverse signals

AO_TimeFrame – Awesome Oscillator timeframe

AO_shift – Awesome Oscillator offset


Expansion___[ STOCHASTIC Module ]

Usestochastic – Enable Stochastic filter

Stochastic_Crossing – Enable Stochastic lines crossing trigger

Alternate_Stochastic – Enable Alternative breakouts logic by 3 stoch levels (two specified levels and zero level)

Stoch_Reverse – Stochastic reverse signals

StochTimeFrame – Stochastic timeframe

Kperiod – Stochastic K line period

Dperiod – Stochastic D line period

Slowing – Stochastic slowing parameter

Method – Stochastic method

price_field – Stochastic price-field parameter

StochOB – Stochastic overbought level

StochOS – Stochastic oversold level

Stoch_Shift – Stochastic offset


Expansion___[ Twin MACD Module ]

useMACD_zerocross_trend_filter – Enable MACD zero filter

MACD_zerocross_trend_filter_reverse – Zero cross filter reverse signals

useMACD_signalline_trend_filter – Enable MACD signal line filter

MACD_signalline_trend_filter_reverse – Signal line filter reverse signals

MACDfiltertimeframe – MACD filters timeframe

MACDfilter_fast_ema_period – MACD fast exp moving average period

MACDfilter_slow_ema_period – MACD Slow exp moving average period

MACDfilter_signal_period – MACD Signal exp moving average period

MACDfilter_shift – MACD filter offset from current bar

useMACD_zerocross_signals – Enable MACD zero signals

MACD_zerocross_signals_reverse – Zero cross signals reverse

useMACD_signalline_signals – Enable MACD signal line signals

MACD_signalline_signals_reverse – Signal line signals reverse

MACDsignalstimeframe – MACD signals timeframe

MACDsignals_fast_ema_period – MACD signals fast exp moving average period

MACDsignals_slow_ema_period – MACD signals Slow exp moving average period

MACDsignals_signal_period – MACD Signal exp moving average period

MACDsignals_shift – MACD signals offset from current bar

MACDsignals_barscount – MACD signals validation bars


Expansion___[ BASKET TRADING Module ]

Basket_Trading – Enable Basket trading module logic

PairSuffix – Broker pair suffix

Pair# – 0-13Pair  Basket pair symbol name

Pair#_Reverse – 0-13Pair  Basket reverse order direction


 TIME Module


Expansion___[ HEDGE_TIME Module ]

Hedge_Time – Enable Hedge_Time triggers Open  orders at time per currency in list

stopOutPercent – HEDGE_TIME Module drawdown percent level will stop open new orders

houro1 – HEDGE_TIME Module Hour trigger (99 – disable)

minuteo1 – HEDGE_TIME Module minute trigger (99 – disable)

houro2- HEDGE_TIME Module Hour trigger (99 – disable)

minuteo2 – HEDGE_TIME Module minute trigger (99 – disable)

houro3 – HEDGE_TIME Module Hour trigger (99 – disable)

minuteo3- HEDGE_TIME Module minute trigger (99 – disable)

houro4 – HEDGE_TIME Module Hour trigger (99 – disable)

minuteo4 – HEDGE_TIME Module minute trigger (99 – disable)


Time close orders

useTimeExit – Enable Exit by time trigger

ExitOnlyInProfit – Exit only in floating profit on trading account

EXThour – Exit hour trigger

EXTminute – Exit minute trigger


Time Trading filter

Filter – Time Trading filter

Start – Allow open new orders from start hour trigger

End – Disallow open new orders from End hour trigger

Tradesunday – Start trading on sunday

Fridayfilter – Allow trading on friday

Fridayend – Friday End hour filter

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    • Actually couple of days and you can find exactly what you want to tweak in the settings.

      So just be patient and just try it! You are went from fxAggressor version I see. So in this fxUltimate robot is twice more options you can find here.


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