Forex Partial Orders Closing


partial orders closing


Now working on partial orders closing algorithm.

It's quite cool working algorithm should paired with gain boosting logic Forex Killer module.
– Lower risks, ZER0 cost stop losses and smooth run. 

This algrithm scanning orders condition and have two diferent logic:
1. If an order have stoploss the robot do partial close the order with
half lot size and pips distance from order open price = Stoploss multiplied by X parameter.
It allows you free adjust the stoplevel and partial closing level before partial closing in the case.
2. If an order using stealth stop loss algorithm partial closing level equal predefined stealth stoploss.

 Stay in tune I'll preparing huge 5.83 update hole 4 updates at once.
 It's quite good opportunity to take the project fxUltimate version with free updates service by old not updated price.

Nice trades to all you guys!

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