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Hello, Guys!

A lot of work on new EA fxUltimate 5.87 engine was done so I would like to share some info about.

First I want to talk about new spread statistics feature. As you know many brokers not clear about trading conditions like they offers to a clients.

Seems to be this practice is very common in our days you see fixed spreads offer or low ecn spreads and free news trading but your buy orders opening 6-7 pips higher or a sell orders continuously stopping out far from current bid price etc.

Before I’ve protected trading by spread control system if you don’t know about it check here

and here

But I need more info about my brokers and trading servers so I decided to save this information with spread statistics


When fxULTIMATE running it automaticaly saving info to csv file(in properties you can change the file type to txt) to Projectreaper.spread.statistics folder in File directory of your mt4 terminal

saving spreads statistics

When you open the files you can check what spreads your broker giving you in the real trading.

trading statistics eurusd alpari ecn

and what pairs have bigger spread fluctuations and the time.

trading spread statistics gbpusd alpari ecn

When EA collect some data you can sort the info and anilize what’s going on here. Also when you choosing a broker company you can always just compare the trading conditions from that stat and choose a real company which you can trust your money.

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