Forex EA Update – Bulls vs Bears auto trading



This is the next update of the EA fxULTIMATE with new signal trading module Twin Bulls vs Bears which trade with my Bulls vs Bears indicator

It contain two separate indicators one is for trend direction filter the second one gives trade signals at bulls and bears lines crossover.

forex bulls vs bears indicator

forex bulls vs bears indicator


expert advisor bulls vs bears settings

Nothing special here as usual: independent time frames, indicator shift, period, ma method, price types and reversed signals

How to apply this module to your trading:

As a trend module it can use as trend filter on higher timeframes, also crossover can be entrie points to your trades. It can combined with other modules to secure you trades or can be independent trading system which gives you nice risk reward ratio with trend following method.

An example:

Catching trend beginnign on eurusd D1 chart by the indicator crossover points.

expert advisor bulls vs bears strategy

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