Forex auto lot calc update


New update for forex robot fxUTIMATE autolot system.

I made today three methods for lot calculation and already applyed it to the new build that’s cool

check this out


This is money management area autolot settings

 How it works?

Three methods here:

  1. SIMPLE – it’s just based on percentage from balance of your trading account.
  2. RISK – if you set stop loss manually or the robot will calculate stop loss level automatically, the sistem will put the amount of money, calculated by percentage from balance to the stop loss. So when the stop will hit by price you’ll lose only pre defined value of money.
  3. PROFIT – this is the same as RISK based algorithm but this formula applyed to take profit level. You just choosing what pecent from your balance you want to take from each trade.

So I let you to choose what money management you prefer I like the new concept of targeting just take only the best trades with high risk / reward ratio and you will grow you account by each trade step by step.


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