FIFO compatible update


Last evening we recieved question about US NFA regulated brokers. Yes our trade manager can trade with this brokers but I want to take your attention to one thing.

NFA regulator have FIFO rule. Euro traders who taking first experience with brokers under NFA can’t understand why they are can’t close ther orders and why trading server showing an errors.
Let me explane What is it FIFO and how to trade with that type of brokers.

FIFO is acronym from First In First Out – it means when you want to close more than one orders you should close first opened trade to the last one following that order. From first to last.

First you should close older order:
Then next one:

Our US traders usually trade with trend following strategies and doesn’t have this problem.

I made last night FIFO compatible option for our soft so if you are US trader or using US broker under FIFO rule just turn on FIFO option in the order management part of our trade manager settings.

Green pips and stay in tune!

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