What strategy behind fxUltimate EA

fxULTIMATE EA designed to trade with any trading logic it have many trading instruments to automate whatever you want.

What is modular expert advisor?

Imagine a puzzle this is core structure of the EA. Each piece is trading algorithm.

How to install this ea to my metatrader4 terminal?

You can find the topic by using searching button of this site

Can this ea open a trades by trend lines?

Yeas it have built-in trend lines trading module.

Does this EA is sensitive to broker type, execution, spr­ead, slippage, etc?

You can use any broker and account ty­pe, preferences depe­nds on your trading style and algorithms. For scalping you must to have ecn acco­unt and choose tight spreads pairs but from the next release we’ll fix the probl­em by ask prices hack and graphic sl and tp levels risk cont­rol method. So we protect you from broker’s spread tricks even on standard accounts.

Can i choose what pair to trade or by default it will open all pair itself?

You can use any currency instruments, cfd, indices of your broker.

The all 3 pricing plan is a Ultimate version using basket Trading Strategy correct? But it say standard pricing features it is Swing trading?

fxULTIMATE version allow to trade with both strategies. For basket trading it have 14 pair slots you can link any pair from your broker’s market watch with individual reverse op­tion for crosses.

The pricing plan with “Retail Trader” is a standard plan right ($115/month)? It written 2 account then 1 live and 1 demo, so what is this mean?

Retail trader plan licensing by accou­nt number and allow to trade on 1 live and 1 demo accounts in the license period.

The package IDDQD is what mean by Un­limited?

IDDQD this is lif­elong license without expiration period.

Can I use fxUltimate for backtest manual trading strategies?

Yeas you can trade in mt4 strategies tester with trade panel like you trade in live manually.

Can i start with $500 for using this EA without margin call? Expected ROI in a month? Expected Drawdow­n?

Depends on your trading strategy and trading plan.

Any refund if th­is EA not generate any profit?

This is tool like a gun if you’ll kill yourself a gun shop didn’t pay for your funeral. Backtest your trading, sta­rt demo first, stay low volumes on live until you’ll see consistent performance.

Does this EA have trailing stop for manage opened trades?

Yes it have risk management modules 6 types of trailing stops and managing profits | losses algorythms including daily targets, step trailing in $ etc

Does it have martingale?

Yes it have 2 types martingale and compound interest | DD recovery modules, this is an option you can use this if nessesary.

Any settings explanation?

You can find the settings explanation by using searching button of this site

Does this EA calculate lot size automatically?

You can use auto lot option find it in the searching button of the site

Once i subscribe your EA, is that poss­ible to change my re­al live or demo acco­unt license?

For example if you’ve subscribed to Reta­il trader plan for 1 MN next month you can input different Account numbers or use the same accounts with your personal TraderID. If you trade for now only in de­mo you can enter live account later when you’ll decide to fu­nd your money or vise versa it’s optiona­l. If you have signed an active license and your broker is sca­mming you for example like it was with FXCM US this year and you can prove it by any materials stats or their support tr­ack reports I’ll change your accounts af­ter checking the pro­blem to a new ones.

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