Envelopes MTF Smoothed Alert Indicator



New smoothed multi-timeframe version of Envelopes popular technical indicator.

This indicator is a tool that attempts to identify the upper and lower bands of a trading range.

The what’s new to original one:

I added here multiple timeframe support so you can see higher timeframe on current chart.

Additional signal line.

Parameters to smooth the indicator to reduce noise.

Alerts with arrows so you can use your time more effective.

Supported Features :

Projectreaper ConnectUSER GUIDE
Projectreaer Trend OS FiltersUSER GUIDE

Settings :

TimeFrame – timeframe of indicator (current by default)
ENVPeriod – period of envelopes ma
ENVMethod – average method of envelopes ma
ENVPrice – price type of envelopes ma
ENVDeviation – deviation of envelopes range
ENVShift – offset from current bar
SignalPeriod – period of signal ma
SignalMethod – average method of signal ma
Signal_Swing_Mode – signals swing mode to catch opposite signals
Signal_Method – BreakOut_Signals or BreakIn_Signals
IndicatorSmooth – amount of smooth (1-off)
IndicatorSmoothMethod – smooth formula
DrawBars – amount of bars to draw indicator data

PopupAlert – enable terminal alert windows
SoundAlert – enable sound alerts
ArrowsOnChart – enable draw arrows on price chart
IndicatorArrows – enable draw arrows on indicator sub window
SMSPushAlert – Push alerts to your phone
EmailAlert – Email alerts to your phone

Buy_ArrowColor – color of buy arrows
Sell_ArrowColor – color of sell arrows
Arrows_Width – width of signal arrows
ENVHigh_Line – color of high range line
ENVLow_Line – color of low range line
SIGNAL_Line – color of signal line


How to install :

1. Download file
2. Unzip archive and copy the MQL4 folder from the archive to your terminal Data folder
3. Restart terminal and apply the indicator to a chart
4. Register a valid email with single time donation or log in with previously registered email address.
5. You can switch your broker account any time you need by logging in with previously registered email address

How to find Data folder :

in the terminal click File menu – Open Data Folder

Good trading!

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