EA Update – Supertrend auto trading module


Hi, Guys!

I made new trend trading module in my EA fxULTIMATE.

This module allows to trade by my Moving average supertrend indicator

It called Twin Supertrend Module because it have two separate supertrend indicators in there, each of them have filter and crossover signals.

Let’s check the settings:

supertrend trading module

The first one also have built-in alerts so if you want the robot will alert you about trend changing via sms or email just turn OnTrendChangeAlerts option to true.

Couple ideas how to trade with the instrument:

First supertrend tool use like higher timeframe trend filter and the second – like signal to open a trade on trend direction after consolidations. Check the screenshots

supertrend trading module signals

supertrend trading module signals 2

you can combine it how you want time frames, periods, step settings – all the options is free to configure, depends on your targets in trading.

Also you can mix this module with other the EA modules, for example – you can add an oscillator(CCI,RSI,AO,AC,Stochastic,Macd.OsMa) to be sure you will not open a trade at the and of price impulse, also you can ban trading after gaps or non market big candles – this is will filter false signals. Also you can add filtering trend strength by ADX module in the case the entry would be after first consolidation which matched to third wave, if you knew read wave market theory.

I’ll continue to describing new features of the new version I’ve made there’s many new stuff in the engine – hold on and be awesome!

If you need help

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