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Greetings, dear traders!

We already launched new copy trading service.

copy trading sevice

This is the trade copier to mirror trades from any one to everyone in the world via the internet.

The core idea of that service is to provide easiest way of copy trading between different people and broker companies without worrying about local apps, settings, pair suffixes, trade errors etc.

In the service page you will find technical advantages of the particular trade copier, list of registered signal providers, information, users copy trading manual.

in addition, this service is the part of Xentrader online project, that means you no needs in special software to manage your signals as a provider and subscriber. You can manage your signals, manual trading, automated trading, strategies testing the same time, without interruptions to each activity.

We have tested this service with our guest beta testers and our team.

signal providers list

copy trade signal provider


copy trade signal subscriber

From the user side the configuration of trades copier is simple:

  1. Open Xentrader trade copier parameters and set signal account and investor password

trade copier settings

2. Choose the copier mode

3. Choose orders type

copy trading orders type

4. Choose pairs to execute

copy trading pair

5. In the case of signal subscriber, you can adjust lot sizes and pips buffer to open the copy trades orders.

copy trading lotsize

The best part of that is no special fees and commissions, limitations and usage periods, we created this service for ourselves and our Xentrader users.

For more info about this service go to the copy trading page

Copy trading service page

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