Projectreaper Bollinger Bands Smoothed MTF STEP Alerts indicator has been released
New smoothed bands feature that smooth bands on different methods
New step feature that set minimal threshold of change all Bollinger band lines
MTF feature that allows to display any higher timeframe on a current chart
Lots of different alerts types
Download New Bollinger Bands Smoothed MTF STEP Alerts indicator

Projectreaper ZigZag Alerts Indicator v1.04 has been released
We are introducing a new function of reverse zones
When the price breaks through the level, a reverse zone will appear, which will signal a price reversal.
New parameters:
ReverseZonesPips – amount pips from breakout(if 0 – reverse zonea are disabled)
ReverseZonesBars – reverse zones length(if 0 – ray mode)

A new version of the Xentrader 2.50 EA has been released
Added customization of the trading panel’s color skin
Added new color scheme palette interface selection parameters
A new ManualLotDigits parameter has been added – manual control of the value of lot digits, which is necessary for some trading servers with non-standard tools and cent accounts