partial orders closing

Forex Partial Orders Closing

  Now working on partial orders closing algorithm. It's quite cool working algorithm should paired with gain boosting logic Forex Killer module. - Lower risks, ZER0 cost...

fxBulldozer v2

New fxBulldozer v2 module update. I add new feature - ability to set grid size by 2 ATR values. Forward and back settings independent like...

Forex Key Levels (Round Levels)

Forex Key Levels (Round Levels) Round price values like 1.10000 or 129.000 on Forex trading called a KEY LEVELS. Why you should keep eyes on them?...
projectreaper fibonacci

Fibonacci pivots and custom levels

Update v5.7.9.7 Added drawing Fibonacci pivots feature Added drawing custom multi timeframe levels and tags
projectreaper ontimer.

Forex bot timer processing

OnTimer Forex Robot processing   Timer processing reduce asynchronized tick event lag from broker servers with multi currency trading(basket trading in my case)  MQL4++  //Example of using Timer...
Work on bot's trading panel

Trading panel development

Work on forex robot's trading panel continue. New 12 programmable buttons testing process. User can link any settings of the bot assistant to the buttons. If...
Bill Williams Awesome Oscillator The reverse option, the offset adjustment, working timeframe

Forex Bot Release build v5.7.9

Hello guys! new build v5.7.9 the bot is come out. A lot of work and new tools in there so What's new: -New Twin ZigZag Module...
trend lines color triggers

Trendlines module changes

Little update for trend lines module ✔Changed triggers for trendlines from names ID to color. Since now module working with any number of trendlines specified color on...
Trailing by Moving Average Trailing stop by Moving Average

The new version of the forex robot PR_V5.7.8

What's New -Added the new one Trailing stop by Moving Average module -Total rebuilded opening and closing algorithms(see the info on the official site log here...
Closing opening Orders EA

The new version Forex bot building process

The new version of the forex bot ProjectReaper EA building process. Testing the new feature for basket trading.. long time my robots was jentle and...
Trailing by Candles module Trailing stop by type of the Bar, shift and time frame Frame

The new version of the forex robot PR_V5.7.7

What's New -Added the new one trailing stop by Candles module

The new version of the forex robot PR_V5.7.6

What's New -Added indication signals for all modules in the HUD display mode -Coming soon redesign the robot core engine

Recent update PR_V5.7.5 2

What's New -Small update MA F Rising/Falling module now filter can operate in two modes 1-movement of the moving average line (rise / fall) 2-find the current...

Recent update PR_V5.7.5

What's New -develop new universal module Basket MTMC Direction for use with baskets of orders and filtering the input signal on multicurrency and multi timeframes,...

The new version of the forex robot PR_V5.7.5

What's New -Due to transfer my accounts to the ECN added for compatibility with some brokers option market_execution (market execution of order) -added to license a...

The new version of the forex robot PR_V5.7.4

What's New -on request of the customer added to the trendline Take Profit trigger module Trendlines -by requests added module multi timeframe Stochastic -become multicurrency basic modules: TrailingStop, StealthTarget, StealthStop,...

The new version of the robot PR_V5.7.3

What's New -rebuilded the logic module trendlines -Identify Basket Trading module, like a flag, now in the presence of this module, everything filters for opening orders can...

The new version of the robot PR_V5.7.2

What's New -Changes of the module Basket Trading. Revision of the concept of opening a large number of orders at the best prices with no...

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