Projectreaper xMyChartObxects indicator autotrade by chart objects

Xentrader Auto trade by chart objects

Team added new xentrader indicator that automate any chart objects like arrows, text labels etc.

Xentrader online accepting new visa mastercard payment option

After the recent update of Xentrader Online, a new payment option has been added, including visa and mastercard cards around the world.
xentrader update

Policy update 19.07.2020 Xentrader online

The new Xentrader Online policy will take effect from today. The maximum cashback is expanded to 50%, and the process of getting a rank...
forex cashback

Xentrader Cashback Program

Xentrader Online launched the cashback program! All registered users participate in it automatically. Once a month, you will be credited with cashback depending on your activity...
xentrader support chat room

Xentrader xchat update

Updated support xChat since now every user have their own support chat room to solve private scenarios without attention of other users. Use support button...
xentrader payment methods

Xentrader new payments methods

We added new payment methods Xentrader Online project To add funds to your Xentrader profile click to add funds button on your chart Choose payment method...

Xentrader trading fees update

The big billing update was released today for all Xentrader users We are reduced trading fees make trading much more profitable for all kind of...
xentrader updates feed button

Xentrader updates button and indicator

To improve xentrader's user experience we added new updates button that points you directly to the xentrader updates feed where you will find all...
pojectreaper zone recovery ea trade panel

Zone recovery EA lot calculation update

Added new parameter in the settings of Zone Recovery EA called Method Double click on it to switch lot size calculation logic Increment - adds to...
trading srategies lab

Trading strategies lab

Hello, we launched service to request custom automated signals for Xentrader Online by your rules. using this service, we will help you to automate custom signals...
xentrader update

Changes in xentrader online pricing

Hello, folks! As you know, not so long ago, we created surveys of users on social networks about the most preferred prices for the online...
copy trading sevice

Copy trading service

Greetings, dear traders! We already launched new copy trading service. This is the trade copier to mirror trades from any one to everyone in the world...
new trades monitor

Changes in Xentrader trades monitor

Hello, from the latest xentrader release, trades monitor displays pending orders, like the market ones you can quick delete them by clicking on it's button,...
xentrader support

Xentrader support and manual quick access

Hi, in the latest release we added buttons to lower right corner for quick access to support chat room and xentrader user guide. This is important...
adjust dpi problem solve

Xentrader hiDPI ultraHD displays support

Hello, in the latest version of Xentrader we added automated scaling of it's interface for ultraHD displays with high dpi. Some of traders who want to...
breakeven line

Automated net pl breakeven level

Hello, I programmed new Xentrader interface feature to show current net profit loss breakeven with calculation of opened orders lot sizes and buy sell ratio. This...
fractals signals

Xentrader online fractals signal updated

Hi! We added new three trading logics to the Xentrader fractals indicator. This is a price breakouts of single or two or three previous fractals on...
how to automate any custom indicator

Two indicators auto trading

Hi, buddy! We created the new tool to automate relationship of two custom indicators. Sometimes it needs to test or automate trading signals of two custom...
xentrader official support chat room

Xentrader support chat room

We have created users support chat room. Each xentrader user can ask technical questions about the xentrader project and service. To connect the chat room,...
xentrader online manual

Xentrader Online Manual

We have published and will continue to update the official xentrader user's guide manual You can find this document by following that link
xentrader update

Xentrader update 190719

Hello, buddy! Today we released new update of Xentrader Online Changes: 1. New automated signal Xentrader ZigZag This is automated version of classic zigzag indicator with extended trading...
xentrader multiple accounts update

Xentrader multiple accounts update

Hi, folks! This is very important update of Xentrader software and back office servers, this one was challenging because we want to give you better...
xentrader update

Xentrader update 170319

Hello, brothers! New xentrader release is published. Let's check this stuff What's new: 1. New presets pad On the bottom of chart interface now you can find xentrader...
xentrader update

Xentrader update 270219

Hello, friends! Let's talk about new features of new Xentrader. 1. Version status We added version label in the left low corner since now it automatically checking...
support resistance breakout

Xentrader 230119 update

Hello guys! We have released new update: trade pad since now remembering your settings on switching timeframes or trading pairs improved connection to our server...
broker rating

Unbiased brokers rating

Hi guys! We making unbiased brokers rating in our site using their trading servers statistics about spreads(for now.. just for start) here This stats can't be...
update signals

Deny buy – sell signal parameters

All XenTrader signals updated with new parameters You can deny buy or sell signals just set needed parameter to true. This options was added by user...
how to automate any custom indicator

How to automate custom indicators

Hello, people, as you can see we making new automated signals for the XenTrader regularly, but now I want to teach you how to automate...
trading sessions box breakouts

Trading session box breakout

Trading box breakouts it's very popular trading strategy. The boxes can be formed by consolidations, price swings points, news, trading sessions range. We added to the...
fractals signals

Fractals signals

Fractals are the 5 candles formation where middle candle is local high or low extremum. Probably you may know the market structure have fractal nature...

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