Candlesticks Patterns Alert indicator


Hello, folks!

There’s my new alert indicator for those who using japanese candlesticks patterns in trading. This is alert indicator so it can send you alerts via email, sms.

Candlesticks patterns alert indicator

In this version the indicator can detect patterns:

  1. Shooting Star
  2. Evening Star
  3. Evening Doji Star
  4. Dark Cloud Cover
  5. Engulfing
  6. Hammer
  7. Morning Star
  8. Morning Doji Star
  9. Piercing Line

Let’s check the settings of the indicator

Candlesticks patterns alerts settings

You can disable each pattern individually just set a parameter of pattern to false

Also you can choose needed alert method

This indicator can help you catch reversal pattern on a chart without staring to a display.

Also it can help new traders to learn strong candlesticks and remember it visually.

Example of catching candlestick Shooting star pattern:

Candlesticks patterns alertsCandlesticks patterns alert

You should keep in mind – candlesticks working better on higher timeframes near Sup/Res zones.

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How to install :

1. Download file
2. Unzip archive and copy the MQL4 folder from the archive to your terminal Data folder

How to find Data folder :

in the terminal click File menu – Open Data Folder

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  1. Hi Sir
    1st of all, it’s really nice indicator.
    My question. For engulfing setting, can u make for ‘clean’ engulf? Which mean candle break total body include shadow.

    • Hello,

      yes, in the next update I will include this option to the settings, but it will take some time currently I making pro versions of this indicators with unique cool features.


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